Friday, April 11, 2008

Wills House...

Darn it - we backed into the trash can!
Are you ready to head to the store Bradley?
Lounging with some goldfish!
We love being friends!
For so many years, we have been "Ben and Kyles" house. I am "Ben and Kyles" mom and it is "Ben and Kyle's t-ball games" etc. etc.!

But now little Will is getting big enough to have his own friends and his own identity! Our neighbors have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Benjamin (4)...holds the same identity in their house as Ben and Kyle hold in ours. Ben and Kyle can't wait to go to "Benjamin's" house to play!

Will is changing times for us, as I am sure he will do in so many ways throughout his life. No longer does Will want to go to "Benjamin's" house to play! No long does he yell for Benjamin....or even Kyle and Ben...when he is outside looking for company to play in the street! He wants BRADLEY. and he wants to go to Bradley's house! And Bradley wants "Will" and wants to go to WILL's house to play!
A first friend....a real friend that is just their own! Two peas in a pod...Finally - at their ripe old age of "almost 2 and almost 3"...Bradley and Will have a friend that is not there just because their brothers had someone over to the house to play and they get to join in! How very lucky they are! And how lucky Erica and I are that we get to see them grow into "real" little boys...with a life and mind of their own! Good times around here for the tiniest men in our lives! We love you both so much!

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Erica said...

"so much" cannot begin to explain how much we love our tiniest big men! It is so fun to see them excited to play with EACH OTHER! They don't just have to follow the big boys around anymore. They have their own ideas (good and bad) and play their own way. Will and Bradley, you two are so much fun, so much trouble, and again so much fun! Our lives would be so empty without you. Yay for friends!