Monday, May 5, 2008

The big one....

On Saturday, the kids and I spent a few hours at Uncle Brian's house!! Uncle Brian cooked us all hot dogs on the grill and gave the kids bread so they could feed the wild life that hang out in the lake behind his house! Turtles, fish, ducks, frogs....quite an Eco-system in Uncle Brian's back yard and it never gets old for the kids! They can't wait to go over there, play with Brian's toys - sit in Brian's boat (the Kayak that sits in his office!!) and feed Brian's animals!! :) A hero he is to my kids - each and every day!

But...this Saturday night took his hero status to a whole new level! Uncle Brian took the kids fishing in his back yard! The fishing rod was at least as long as all three of my kids standing on each others heads - and the mere idea that it may actually catch a fish was so exiting for all three boys! I think Ben must have asked a million and one times..."Uncle Brian...did we catch a fish yet?" And poor Brian just kept explaining that you never know when, or IF you will catch a just have to be patient? ha ha ha ha......oh how I laughed at the very idea that my kids could find an ounce of patience inside of them to master the art of fishing!! :)

But the fishing Gods were on our side....and after only about 20 min...the line started to move....Ben reeled with all his might with Kyle and Will cheering him on from the sidelines! And on the back side of our cloud of adrenaline...was an honest to goodness....ugly old....HUGE....catfish! Yep....whiskers and all! No one could believe it!! They got to look at it and Uncle Brian held it while the looked and looked. Will even tried to put his finger in the fish's mouth! :)

Times like these that are so simple and so easy...are the things that my children will remember for all of time. The FIRST time they ever fished...the first time they caught a fish...the first time they had seen a catfish - outside of a book. There faith in the art of fishing is at an all time high and they look forward each day to the next time!

Thanks Uncle Brian for being a hero once again! You made our weekend and gave us a memory to talk about for years to come!

Feeding the turtles was fun!

Ben put the bait on the hook.

Waiting was the hard part....really hard!

Kyle REALLY didn't like the waiting part....

We got one....reel Ben reel.....

He is darn ugly!

Not going to eat him for dinner...but a good fish none the less!