Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy "Dirthday" Will!!!

Three Years Old! Amazing!

Our lives are a better place because of you....

You are curious






Happy to an amazing degree




you make us laugh

you make us happy

you make us smile 100 times a day.

Your happy face is contagious

your enthusiasm for life is such that I have never seen

You and "Ba" bring such special joy to all that you meet

Your eyes twinkle when you are good

Your eyes twinkle when you are bad

Your quirky personality brings difference and color to the world.

And your freckly face brings happiness to all that meet you!

You have made our lives a wonderful place Will Mongold and I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to call you my baby! We all love you and cherish you! Thank you for being our best little man and our best best friend! Thank you for being you! You are the most special person at just three years old! And we can't wait to watch you grow into a most perfect little guy!

Happy "Dirth" Day to you Will!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving Adventures!

Here are some photos to go along with my story of our trip! Love to all!! (It may help to scroll down and pause the blog music while viewing the slide show!!)

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Friday, June 20, 2008

We are here....

I have so many photos of our trip that I want to get up on here, but I can't find the cord to the camera? It has to be here right?!?! ha ha ha short...(yeah...I am never short right!!??)

We spent last Wednesday night in a hotel in North Carolina - our first night away from home. The kids were confused and excited and sad...all at the same time. We got to our fancy hotel at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Our swim...order room service and celebrate Ben's birthday a bit early since the storm of boxes would come around his big day! So we walk in the front entrance and Kyle got very quiet? I said...buddy...are you you like it here? And he said, "Mom? this Florida?" "Is this our new house?" and not stopping for an answer to his slew of questions...he looks at the nice man that is waiting to check us in and asks, "Are these people going to live with us?" ha ha ha ha....he was so confused!!! I assured him that we would live with our own family and that was all and that a hotel was not his new home!! :)

We had fun swimming and running around the hotel...everyone was so good! WE ordered room service and ate in a fancy restaurant and the boys hated to leave the next day at noon! But alas...we were heading to Aunt Mary Beth's...and that was enough to get them moving! They all helped me load up the car and off we went.

Mary Beth's house was so fun! We stayed until Sunday Afternoon. We went to a water park, the beach, the shops, and spent much time in Mary Beth's pool that is located right outside her townhouse door! Kyle asked me several times if this could be our new home! What a great place and Mary Beth was so welcoming!! She treated us like we were royalty! And we were kind of sad when we got word that our movers would be there on Monday morning to deliver our stuff!!

Oh...and we added a new crab to our collection in South Carolina! He was a dinosaur shelled medium size crab! Very exciting!!

So Sunday came and the drive to Florida began. What should have taken 3.5 hours...took almost 9 hours. The rain was amazing and I have really never seen such a thing. The wind shield wipers over heated and left us stranded for hours at a "not-so-nice" burger king in Georgia"....but we ate pie and fries and made the best of it. I tried to to let on the the boys how scared I was to get back in the car and drive. There were accidents and trees falling and just the biggest mess I have ever driven in. It was black like 5:00 in the evening! Crazy!

Ben..being the aware child that he is...asked we started to drive again..."Are you sick mommy...your face looks sick?" Aghh...I assured him I was ok...but the stress of our lives being in my hands...was truly making me sick! He was not joking!!

We had to get to Florida though....had to get there...movers would be there at 6:30am the next we drive....35 miles an hour...for much of it...but we drove!

That night we finally made it to Fernandina a welcome site! It is like living in Nags Head...nothing is commercial and it is very very pretty! As we drove in we passed a quaint little COLD STONE (rock on) A STARBUCKS !(rock on again!) A Dairy Queen, A small water park, the beach....and some other exciting and welcoming sights!!

We found our house after a few wrong turns and none of us could wait to open the front door!! We all ran in....and were amazed at how nice the place is! Very open and very good quality! We are very happy with the house! It is smaller than what we are used to...but it does not feel that way now that most of our things are tucked away!! :) Quite a anyone that has moved can tell you....I have touched every single thing that we own in the last few days...and I could not be happier that the boxes are almost gone!! :) Monday...the city will come and take the mess from my garage and haul it away? How NICE!!!

Kyle asked me this morning "Mom...are we going to live in this house for a long time?" And I said, " you think that is a good idea?" And he said, " is a cool house!" Truly - that made my day! We ask about our friends every day....Ben just watches other kids at the playground and makes comments like, "They already know each other mom!" And "Do you think we will find friends in Florida?" And I try to hold back the tears as I assure him that there are friends just waiting for use to meet them! And i know that to be true - I just know it!

But having busted my butt to get this house looking like home....hearing Kyle feel like it is "a home" just made the late nights and the bruises and the muscle aches worth every min! Now we will try to make a life here in this beautiful area. Pretty is nice...but we need a life...and that is our biggest goal. Yesterday we joined the YMCA and today we will check out a state park that advertises "Shark Teeth all over the beaches!!"....yeah...not swimming there...but a treasure hunt will be fun! ha ha ha ha

We love you all and are tired, happy, and relieved to have this all behind us. We miss you - love you - and think of you all many many times each day! Please come visit us...and know that we will be making our rounds to see our friends as well! I promise!!!

Photos to back my long long story to come...and I promise no words...just photos!! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh how we will miss our friends and family.....


Saying goodbye is not the easiest thing for me. I know that this move will bring adventure, new friends, growth for myself and my family, and many MANY other good things....but none of these wonderful things...seem to outweigh...the hurt I feel inside right now. I'll continue to try and think positive and I know that the positive thoughts will win out in time. I'll fake it till I make it. Why? Because I have kids that need to see this whole process as wonderful. Thank goodness for the kids really - they keep me strong and grounded!

I'll just take a second to say thank you to all of the wonderful people who have touched my life here in Hampton Roads - to all of those people...who make it so hard for me to leave here....I thank God for you and for being a part of your lives! I am so thankful to be living a life...that is so full of love and so full of friendship...that I feel sick thinking about leaving my home here.

If I didn't care about leaving...or if the kids and I found this an easy step in our that would make me sad. What I am now is heart broken. Not sad. Sad has such a negative connotation? What I am... is just plain heart broken. My heart is so full of love for all of you and my full heart is breaking a little because I know that I will miss events....babies being born...surprise parties....birthdays....first days of school...graduations...first steps...first words....girls nights...playing in the off the deck...beach trips....

Thank you all for making me a part of your lives. A part of these special times both past and present. I'll find a way to stay a part of all that you do! And I'll get back here to live this perfect life with you all once again! Until then....I am a happy person...a full person...and thankful person...because of all of you! The military may take us away from our biological families...but I have a family here. A great family! And we miss you all while we are gone! This is not goodbye...but SEE YOU ALL SOON! And I'll keep up the blogging when we get settled in our new home! Cell will stay the same for a when a funny thing happens...or you are sad...or anything in-between comes about....just call me! I am your friend - yoru matter where I am!! :)

Thanks Court for this super photo!!! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

If you don't like you who are today...just let time happen and let yourself grow....

One year little Ben was scared, anxious, shy, quiet, and truly - with all of my heart - I worried for him. I worried for how he would make it through a whole year of Kindergarten...when just talking about his day put him in tears? I worried about how he would handle his life as an older kid and as an adult with his fears and anxieties so easy to take over his whole self.

But God gave me one Ben. And with all of my worries...He is just that...MY BEN. I would not change who he is inside....But I needed to help him to live in this world as a kid?...I just knew that he didn't like who he was and that he wanted to be a different kind of person. Alas...the weeks went by and the months went by and Ben not find a way out of his bubble of fears.

So the daunting task of helping Ben to grow started one year ago? I was able to muster up an amount of patience that I didn't even know I had. I know there were times....when I was the ONLY one that was able to be patient with Ben. And sadly enough...there were times when even I - his only mother - failed to be the patient rock that I set out to be!

But time went on...and the days got easier for Ben and for everyone around him. And somehow...with the magic of time and love on his side....Ben is now - about to be 6! He is sad to leave Kindergarten! He has made so many friends that he has a hard time naming them all! He has straight A's in school! He walks to the Bus Stop all by himself and rides to school with a smile on his face every single day!

I know our road is still long, but, Ben, time has given you perspective and age has give you wisdom my dear. You now have a glimpse of how much good life can offer and how it is up to you to embrace and relish in it!! :) You are growing into a person that I am so proud to know and so blessed to call my baby!

You are proof, little man, that if you don't like who you are or how you react in situations etc. is Possible...with some faith, patience and grow your sole into a being that is all that you want it to be! Just don't' give up....and accept the help of people who love you....and move in the direction that you want to go! You'll get there! Ben is well on his way!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kyle is the silent but deadly type....

When you want to know how Ben is feeling...just wait a second and he will tell need to ask him - it would just waist time. If you want to know how Will is feeling...just look at his face...and it will tell you everything you need to know. But Kyle is a different story. Not nearly as easy to figure out. And even when you think you have him figured out - even me...his MOTHER.. - you are often off by a mile!!
So the other day we had a busy time. Doing what? I can't remember....but none the around 6:00pm last week, I was sitting here with my brother "Uncle Brian" and I thought...Ya know...I have not even asked Kyle what he did at School today? Not proud of that...but it just jumped into my head that I was unaware of how Kyle had spent 6 hours of his day. So with lots of show how interested I really was...I asked "Kyle, What did you do in school today?" And he turned to me and gave me a look much like the one in the picture posted above and he said, "Well...why don't you ask me what I DIDN'T DO in school TODAY?????" And I am here to tell boy sounded mad and judgemental all in one question!
Well...Uncle Brian said, "Ask him already!!" So I ask the question that I will remember for quite some time. "Well Kyle...what DIDN'T you do today in school?" And he said "I DIDN'T get to play out side with my friends because you DIDN'T send a sweatshirt for me to wear and it was a very cold day!" and with that snotty answer...he turned back to the computer and started playing his Webkinz Games.
Now I am feeling kind of bad...because it was cold and rainy out and I never EVER thought they would take the kids outside on a day like that so I DID NOT give him a sweatshirt when I dropped him off earlier that day? Yeah...I SUCK right!!
So I ask him if he is mad at me for being so forgetful..and he said, "If I was mad at you I would have told you...I am just saying that I had to stay inside all by myself while my friends were outside and it is your fault...I'm just saying that...and I am not mad."
Yeah...I let it go at that! But how funny that he had this story inside of him all afternoon and never would have shared it had I not asked that specific question. Ben would have called me out just seconds after he saw my face? How different kids can be. And what a reminder that was for dear old Mom that I need to question Kyle about what is in his head more often....I hope that once in a while I get some good stories too!! :)