Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy "Dirthday" Will!!!

Three Years Old! Amazing!

Our lives are a better place because of you....

You are curious






Happy to an amazing degree




you make us laugh

you make us happy

you make us smile 100 times a day.

Your happy face is contagious

your enthusiasm for life is such that I have never seen

You and "Ba" bring such special joy to all that you meet

Your eyes twinkle when you are good

Your eyes twinkle when you are bad

Your quirky personality brings difference and color to the world.

And your freckly face brings happiness to all that meet you!

You have made our lives a wonderful place Will Mongold and I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to call you my baby! We all love you and cherish you! Thank you for being our best little man and our best best friend! Thank you for being you! You are the most special person at just three years old! And we can't wait to watch you grow into a most perfect little guy!

Happy "Dirth" Day to you Will!

1 comment:

Erica said...

oh happy happy birthday to our favorite 3 year old! Will, we love very much!