Thursday, June 5, 2008

If you don't like you who are today...just let time happen and let yourself grow....

One year little Ben was scared, anxious, shy, quiet, and truly - with all of my heart - I worried for him. I worried for how he would make it through a whole year of Kindergarten...when just talking about his day put him in tears? I worried about how he would handle his life as an older kid and as an adult with his fears and anxieties so easy to take over his whole self.

But God gave me one Ben. And with all of my worries...He is just that...MY BEN. I would not change who he is inside....But I needed to help him to live in this world as a kid?...I just knew that he didn't like who he was and that he wanted to be a different kind of person. Alas...the weeks went by and the months went by and Ben not find a way out of his bubble of fears.

So the daunting task of helping Ben to grow started one year ago? I was able to muster up an amount of patience that I didn't even know I had. I know there were times....when I was the ONLY one that was able to be patient with Ben. And sadly enough...there were times when even I - his only mother - failed to be the patient rock that I set out to be!

But time went on...and the days got easier for Ben and for everyone around him. And somehow...with the magic of time and love on his side....Ben is now - about to be 6! He is sad to leave Kindergarten! He has made so many friends that he has a hard time naming them all! He has straight A's in school! He walks to the Bus Stop all by himself and rides to school with a smile on his face every single day!

I know our road is still long, but, Ben, time has given you perspective and age has give you wisdom my dear. You now have a glimpse of how much good life can offer and how it is up to you to embrace and relish in it!! :) You are growing into a person that I am so proud to know and so blessed to call my baby!

You are proof, little man, that if you don't like who you are or how you react in situations etc. is Possible...with some faith, patience and grow your sole into a being that is all that you want it to be! Just don't' give up....and accept the help of people who love you....and move in the direction that you want to go! You'll get there! Ben is well on his way!

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Erica said...

Indeed, Ben, you have come so far this year. It has been a year of growing for this little lane of ours, hasn't it? We, right beside your mommy, are so very proud of the bravery, the confidence, the stick to your guns "i can do this" attitude you have found in your heart. We love you, Ben! We are proud of you...and we think you are about the coolest 6 year old we fact, you are!