Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kyle is the silent but deadly type....

When you want to know how Ben is feeling...just wait a second and he will tell need to ask him - it would just waist time. If you want to know how Will is feeling...just look at his face...and it will tell you everything you need to know. But Kyle is a different story. Not nearly as easy to figure out. And even when you think you have him figured out - even me...his MOTHER.. - you are often off by a mile!!
So the other day we had a busy time. Doing what? I can't remember....but none the around 6:00pm last week, I was sitting here with my brother "Uncle Brian" and I thought...Ya know...I have not even asked Kyle what he did at School today? Not proud of that...but it just jumped into my head that I was unaware of how Kyle had spent 6 hours of his day. So with lots of show how interested I really was...I asked "Kyle, What did you do in school today?" And he turned to me and gave me a look much like the one in the picture posted above and he said, "Well...why don't you ask me what I DIDN'T DO in school TODAY?????" And I am here to tell boy sounded mad and judgemental all in one question!
Well...Uncle Brian said, "Ask him already!!" So I ask the question that I will remember for quite some time. "Well Kyle...what DIDN'T you do today in school?" And he said "I DIDN'T get to play out side with my friends because you DIDN'T send a sweatshirt for me to wear and it was a very cold day!" and with that snotty answer...he turned back to the computer and started playing his Webkinz Games.
Now I am feeling kind of bad...because it was cold and rainy out and I never EVER thought they would take the kids outside on a day like that so I DID NOT give him a sweatshirt when I dropped him off earlier that day? Yeah...I SUCK right!!
So I ask him if he is mad at me for being so forgetful..and he said, "If I was mad at you I would have told you...I am just saying that I had to stay inside all by myself while my friends were outside and it is your fault...I'm just saying that...and I am not mad."
Yeah...I let it go at that! But how funny that he had this story inside of him all afternoon and never would have shared it had I not asked that specific question. Ben would have called me out just seconds after he saw my face? How different kids can be. And what a reminder that was for dear old Mom that I need to question Kyle about what is in his head more often....I hope that once in a while I get some good stories too!! :)

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Erica said...

Even though I knew this story, it is so so funny...and with that laughter comes a realization that Kyle is indeed a special guy in so many ways. I cannot begin to list the ways I love Kyle, afterall, I have already said that he has truly CHANGED Benjamin's (my benjamin's life)...but I can say this: Kyle, you my sweet cuddly big bear, are a gift to all who are around you. Even if we forget to give you a sweatshirt, or a juicebox, or take you on a ride you cannot stand, know that deep down, we all adore every single ounce of you. And, if we don't tell you enough, then you just ask, and the love will come pouring out!