Friday, June 20, 2008

We are here....

I have so many photos of our trip that I want to get up on here, but I can't find the cord to the camera? It has to be here right?!?! ha ha ha short...(yeah...I am never short right!!??)

We spent last Wednesday night in a hotel in North Carolina - our first night away from home. The kids were confused and excited and sad...all at the same time. We got to our fancy hotel at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Our swim...order room service and celebrate Ben's birthday a bit early since the storm of boxes would come around his big day! So we walk in the front entrance and Kyle got very quiet? I said...buddy...are you you like it here? And he said, "Mom? this Florida?" "Is this our new house?" and not stopping for an answer to his slew of questions...he looks at the nice man that is waiting to check us in and asks, "Are these people going to live with us?" ha ha ha ha....he was so confused!!! I assured him that we would live with our own family and that was all and that a hotel was not his new home!! :)

We had fun swimming and running around the hotel...everyone was so good! WE ordered room service and ate in a fancy restaurant and the boys hated to leave the next day at noon! But alas...we were heading to Aunt Mary Beth's...and that was enough to get them moving! They all helped me load up the car and off we went.

Mary Beth's house was so fun! We stayed until Sunday Afternoon. We went to a water park, the beach, the shops, and spent much time in Mary Beth's pool that is located right outside her townhouse door! Kyle asked me several times if this could be our new home! What a great place and Mary Beth was so welcoming!! She treated us like we were royalty! And we were kind of sad when we got word that our movers would be there on Monday morning to deliver our stuff!!

Oh...and we added a new crab to our collection in South Carolina! He was a dinosaur shelled medium size crab! Very exciting!!

So Sunday came and the drive to Florida began. What should have taken 3.5 hours...took almost 9 hours. The rain was amazing and I have really never seen such a thing. The wind shield wipers over heated and left us stranded for hours at a "not-so-nice" burger king in Georgia"....but we ate pie and fries and made the best of it. I tried to to let on the the boys how scared I was to get back in the car and drive. There were accidents and trees falling and just the biggest mess I have ever driven in. It was black like 5:00 in the evening! Crazy!

Ben..being the aware child that he is...asked we started to drive again..."Are you sick mommy...your face looks sick?" Aghh...I assured him I was ok...but the stress of our lives being in my hands...was truly making me sick! He was not joking!!

We had to get to Florida though....had to get there...movers would be there at 6:30am the next we drive....35 miles an hour...for much of it...but we drove!

That night we finally made it to Fernandina a welcome site! It is like living in Nags Head...nothing is commercial and it is very very pretty! As we drove in we passed a quaint little COLD STONE (rock on) A STARBUCKS !(rock on again!) A Dairy Queen, A small water park, the beach....and some other exciting and welcoming sights!!

We found our house after a few wrong turns and none of us could wait to open the front door!! We all ran in....and were amazed at how nice the place is! Very open and very good quality! We are very happy with the house! It is smaller than what we are used to...but it does not feel that way now that most of our things are tucked away!! :) Quite a anyone that has moved can tell you....I have touched every single thing that we own in the last few days...and I could not be happier that the boxes are almost gone!! :) Monday...the city will come and take the mess from my garage and haul it away? How NICE!!!

Kyle asked me this morning "Mom...are we going to live in this house for a long time?" And I said, " you think that is a good idea?" And he said, " is a cool house!" Truly - that made my day! We ask about our friends every day....Ben just watches other kids at the playground and makes comments like, "They already know each other mom!" And "Do you think we will find friends in Florida?" And I try to hold back the tears as I assure him that there are friends just waiting for use to meet them! And i know that to be true - I just know it!

But having busted my butt to get this house looking like home....hearing Kyle feel like it is "a home" just made the late nights and the bruises and the muscle aches worth every min! Now we will try to make a life here in this beautiful area. Pretty is nice...but we need a life...and that is our biggest goal. Yesterday we joined the YMCA and today we will check out a state park that advertises "Shark Teeth all over the beaches!!"....yeah...not swimming there...but a treasure hunt will be fun! ha ha ha ha

We love you all and are tired, happy, and relieved to have this all behind us. We miss you - love you - and think of you all many many times each day! Please come visit us...and know that we will be making our rounds to see our friends as well! I promise!!!

Photos to back my long long story to come...and I promise no words...just photos!! :)


Erica said...

We couldn't miss you more. We just couldn't. But, we are so happy Kyle thinks his new house is cool. Mongold boys, we love you so much! We do! And,Renee, you are one amazing mom...and I love you, too!

dandsratz said...

Renee!! I finally have two hands free to type!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED seeing and reading about how everything is going!! The picture show was AWESOME, although it really tugged at my heart! I really miss ya'll!! I'll write you an email now!! :)