Monday, July 21, 2008

Has anyone seen an ugly green bear with slobber on it's leg and one eye????

Daddy and Ben and Kyle were playing tennis at the Main park late last week. Will and I decided to hop on my bike with the baby seat on the back and join the rest of the family. It is about a mile and a half away, so I put Will in the seat - helmet on - with Bah strapped in to the harnesses with him. ( I think?) They were all secure and off we went.

I suppose I should have realized that when we got to the park....there was no Bah? But Will was so excited to get there and get unhooked play on the grounds...and I was dripping with sweat and only wanting my bottle of water that was in my back pack....and so the story goes.....

I never gave Bah a thought until we were ready for bed that night....and then....NOTHING. WE looked everywhere. And then...we looked Everywhere - AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Nothing? So realizing that Bah might be outside laying on the ground...I hop on my bike and head out on a search. I rode the same path two times - to the park and back again and then once again. I looked in the gutters and the trees and on the walk - NOTHING. And then it got dark and I had to call it quits.

It is a straight shot to the park - one road. So where the heck was bah? Will claims that he was in the back yard? But we sure can't find him there. (Alligator food? Probably not!) And here we are - 5 days later - and we truly have yet to find him!

I asked all the neighbors and the kids along the way - I did everything but call out for Bah on my search. I feel like posting a sign - or many signs...all over town? Will is so sad - mommy is sadder. What a terrible mother I am to have let this happen.

So for now...and maybe forever...we have a new Bah...he is Blue Bah. He is the same bear only not as loved and not green. Will was much easier to take to this new love than i had anticipated! He took it, held it to his forehead, put the leg in his mouth, stared at it for a while...and then said...Ok Mommy - this my Bah now....oder bah lost!

But alas we still ask for Green bah and my heart aches each time he mentions him!...and maybe somehow...we will find him. Not likely...but I'll hope! If for no other reason than I wanted to keep him for all time in a memory box!! :)

Here is a small tribute to our lost friend! We love you Bah...and we miss you terribly!!

Family bowling night!

So what do you do in Fernandina Beach if you are not at the beach, parks or bowl!!! :) We actually made it through two full games and they wanted more! Daddy won both games, but Kyle came in second! Yeah...BEFORE ME! :) Ben is still having a hard time with this! WE will be sitting watching TV and Ben will say - "Mom...can you believe Kyle got two strikes and beat me at bowling?!?!" Oh the competition is going to start soon!!! :) Maybe it already has! Here are a few pics of the fun!

Kyle had to help Will to pick up his ball!
Mommy and Ben!
It took Will's ball so long to get to the end that the boys had to sit it out!

And they didn't even complain about the 1982 Shoes?!?!

STeve's impression of a REAL blowler!!

Kyle is really good! He had two strikes!
Ben after his first spare! Loving life!
Will does it this way? Strange guy!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Education and excersice right in our back yard! Yeah!

Across the street from our house is an entrance to the second largest wildlife preservation on the island. It is called Egan's Creek. The trails go for miles....the woods are thick...and it is amazing how you can go from our neighborhood - straight into a whole different untouched world in a matter of one minute!

The trails are flat, but bumpy and grass covered in most areas, so it is quite a work out no matter if you are riding a bike or walking. And the nature is amazing. More spiders, gators, lizards, fish, birds etc.....than I have ever seen in one place before. Slightly scary when you get far into the woods...but a fun kind of scary! We feel like we are Diego on an adventure each time we go there!!

And the exercises we get - the voluntary exercises... (and we know that does not come easy for kyle!!)....holds a close second to all that we can learn each day. WE come home and look up things that we have seen on the Internet and try to pinpoint what "kind" of animal it was!

IN a place that is still all new....and the faces are yet is nice to know that we can grow together in our little sanctuary across the street!! :)

We'll take the camera once in a while and see if we can't get a photo of a huge fish or a gator! Much more fun that just silly birds!! :) ha ha ha I promise Alexander....we'll catch something life altering on film soon!! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kyle is finding peace with our move...

As many of you know....Kyle had the hardest time adjusting to our move to Florida. He was angry and showed that in a variety of unpleasant ways. Once in a while I could get him to talk about his feelings...but more often than not...I would take a deep breath and tell myself "we all handle stress in different ways....and Kyle deserves his time to adjust just like the rest of us!"

We are now in week 4 of our time away from home and I have to share the smiles and silliness that are "Kyle" ONCE AGAIN! Our Kyle is coming back to us....and it is so wonderful to see!! I'm sorry little man that we had to uproot you like this and I am sorry for all the sadness that you are feeling! It makes us all so happy to see you loving life again and being the Mongold family entertainment! You are so so loved guy - words can not express it! These photos are to share your success with our family and friends, and for you to laugh at on the computer!! :) (the kids love to see the photos on the blog each time I post...especially the silly ones!!)

Kyle after our bike ride through the Egan's Greek Greenway! A bird sanctuary just a tenth of a mile from our house.

Getting ready to go see the fireworks on the 4th!

Just hoping to see the Alligator that the signs say lives in this park of the water!

Being a beach bum!

There it is....that silly smile that warms my heart!

Kyle has become quite the swimmer and boogie border in the last month!

Will and Ben are just as excited to see Kyle being himself as mommy and daddy are! It is awesome!!! :)

The dynamic duo is back!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Everything found a place!

So many people have asked about the house and where we have put certain things etc. etc. So yesterday I walked around with a camera and took photos of everything but the master Bedroom and bath (not sure why...I swear they were clean?!?!)

Here is a quick tour of the Mongolds temporary home!

The kitchen has so much cabinet space I am spoiled!
This is the kid side of the screened in porch!
Baby girl...we are waiting to see you before we decorate your room! But I know it will be perfect!!

Kids have their own little bath! Right in their bedroom!

This is the only staircase and it leads to the boys secret room - as they call it!

This is Mommy's half of the screened in porch! I have many a cup of coffee out here!

This is the pond in our back yard where our Alligator lives? I have yet to get a photo!

The secret boys club!
Great room.
My green "thing" fit!! Yeah!

view from the pond!

more great room - featuring Baa!!
Entry way!

The office!

Dining area.

More Kitchen?

Our RIsing Tennis Star

Fernandina Beach is an amazing community when it comes to city parks and trails and beaches etc. So very clean and new and there are at least 10 parks on this island. No kidding. The Island is only about 6 miles long and 3 miles deep and there are that many parks and playgrounds. And near most parks you will find beautiful tennis courts that anyone can use and many people playing tennis any time of day!

Well Ben would just watch the people play and ask lots of questions about Tennis in our first week here. Then one night he asked me if I would tape people playing Tennis on the TV so he could see how the "real" Tennis people played. And after an hour of watching the Wimbledon tryouts he said..."do we have enough money to get me a tennis racquet and some balls?"

So we headed out to the thrift store and for two dollars we got two very nice tennis racquet's and some balls. Then it began...each night...we find an empty court and play tennis. He was quite good for never having even see tennis before our move. And what he lacked in skill he made up for in the sheer desire to practice to get better. I have to tell him that I am done playing and we need to go home. He is covered in sweat and visibly tired...but not even close to wanting to quit for the day.

And that prompted some phone calls and I did find a tennis camp that he will start next week. 4 days - three hours per day. He will be the youngest guy out there. He made the cut off by a week. The coach said that it is a rigorous camp and that parents are encouraged not to stay and hang out. I explained all of this to Ben and he never wavered in his want to do this camp! And for those of you who know Ben....this is kind of an amazing desire! A new home and city, away from the hot sun...doing something he is not that good at...with people he does not know?

I have yet to see him love something like he loves to play I will write more after that camp to share how it all goes! Look out comes Ben Mongold!! :)

Potty Training Will Will is now 3 and diapers are the day we moved into our new home... I decided that we will NOT wear diapers in this house. New life...diaper free! :) For the first week it was easy because we were home all the time unpacking boxes and i had the mind to ask Will each quarter of an hour if he had to pee. And each time he sat on the potty - he did his business.

Then came week two. We were out exploring and riding our bikes and just being very busy in typical Mongold style...and I would forget to ask. So there were a few accidents. And accidents don't sit well With Will. He does not like to make a mistake.

So Will....being the super quirky little man that he is decided that he will not pee in his pants...if he has no pants on? And so it began. As soon as I would turn around...he had his pants off. No place was too public to be without pants!

Will blowing out his candles on this birthday!

Will running outside to see Daddy come down the street from work!

Will playing with his brothers on his new toy!

Will playing in his "super hero socks" proving to the camera...that super hero's don't wear pants!

And finally if you needed more proof of this large point...this is Will opening his birthday presents...yet again...without drawers!

And I happy to report in week three of this process...that Will is finally able to wear pants "soemtimes" and almost flawlessly make it to the potty to pee! Time brings great things!! Still he prefers to have not pants on...but when we HAVE to wear them...we can deal!

Now someone tell me what to do about this one? I am standing talking to our neighbor three nights ago and i had Cali on the leash. We had just taken a long walk and Will rode his bike along with us. He was now playing in the neighbors yard with a play sword and being a very good boy as i talked and tried to get to know the new faces and personalities on our street.

Next thing I know...our 55 year old neighbor (male) says to me....I think your son just pooped in the yard. And he said it very calm. I of course start to run over to Will with a very red face and kind of in a half panic and the neighbor says, "Oh...don't worry...he pulled his pants down first, and then pulled them back up so I think he is clean!"

Ok...well clean is not the son just dropped trou and pooped in our new neighbors yard! Aghhhhhh!!!! So I politely exit the conversation and as I turn around to go tend to my son - There he is....Will...standing right there...with a log of poop in his hand. He lifts it up for me and says "Here mom...put this in the bag with Cali's poop"! Aghhhhh...... I calmly explained that people poop goes only in the potty and that Dogs have a different way of doing their business! just when you think you have it licked!! :) ha ha a ha....oh the memories we will have of William as a child. And I will report back on our progress in time. As I remember it...Ben and Kyle just took a week of making a few mistakes...and then they were potty trained? I don't remember it being quite the circus that we are having right now! :) But what would I have to laugh at without my circus! :) Have a great day!