Monday, July 7, 2008

Education and excersice right in our back yard! Yeah!

Across the street from our house is an entrance to the second largest wildlife preservation on the island. It is called Egan's Creek. The trails go for miles....the woods are thick...and it is amazing how you can go from our neighborhood - straight into a whole different untouched world in a matter of one minute!

The trails are flat, but bumpy and grass covered in most areas, so it is quite a work out no matter if you are riding a bike or walking. And the nature is amazing. More spiders, gators, lizards, fish, birds etc.....than I have ever seen in one place before. Slightly scary when you get far into the woods...but a fun kind of scary! We feel like we are Diego on an adventure each time we go there!!

And the exercises we get - the voluntary exercises... (and we know that does not come easy for kyle!!)....holds a close second to all that we can learn each day. WE come home and look up things that we have seen on the Internet and try to pinpoint what "kind" of animal it was!

IN a place that is still all new....and the faces are yet is nice to know that we can grow together in our little sanctuary across the street!! :)

We'll take the camera once in a while and see if we can't get a photo of a huge fish or a gator! Much more fun that just silly birds!! :) ha ha ha I promise Alexander....we'll catch something life altering on film soon!! :)


dandsratz said...

OH MY WORD!!! Renee, this is awesome!! Alexander would LOVE this!!! EVERYDAY he asks me...."Is Renee scared living with the alligator in her back yard!?"

LoveBKW said...

Ben and I just saw the gator in the back yard! Whoo hooo....Ben is the first person besides just me that has actually seen it!! :) No need to tell him twice about not going near the pond now! ha ha ha!!! :) It is this same time each day, so I'll have my camera ready tomorrow for sure!! All zoomed in a ready to go before I leave the house!! :)