Friday, July 4, 2008

Everything found a place!

So many people have asked about the house and where we have put certain things etc. etc. So yesterday I walked around with a camera and took photos of everything but the master Bedroom and bath (not sure why...I swear they were clean?!?!)

Here is a quick tour of the Mongolds temporary home!

The kitchen has so much cabinet space I am spoiled!
This is the kid side of the screened in porch!
Baby girl...we are waiting to see you before we decorate your room! But I know it will be perfect!!

Kids have their own little bath! Right in their bedroom!

This is the only staircase and it leads to the boys secret room - as they call it!

This is Mommy's half of the screened in porch! I have many a cup of coffee out here!

This is the pond in our back yard where our Alligator lives? I have yet to get a photo!

The secret boys club!
Great room.
My green "thing" fit!! Yeah!

view from the pond!

more great room - featuring Baa!!
Entry way!

The office!

Dining area.

More Kitchen?


Natalie said...

I love your new home!! It's great to see all of your things in your new space - and the green thing fit!!! I especially love the porch!! What a great backyard!!

dandsratz said...

Renee, FIRST, I love it that you stated "your temporary home"....because you KNOW I'm watching over your permanent home!! :) You have done an incredible job making that gorgeous house into the "Mongold Home!" You are an amazing woman, wife & mom!!! You rock!!!!

Erica said...

Makes me feel a little closer to you seeing your house! Oh, seriously, I just miss the Mongolds so much. I love all of you...even the alligator!