Monday, July 21, 2008

Family bowling night!

So what do you do in Fernandina Beach if you are not at the beach, parks or bowl!!! :) We actually made it through two full games and they wanted more! Daddy won both games, but Kyle came in second! Yeah...BEFORE ME! :) Ben is still having a hard time with this! WE will be sitting watching TV and Ben will say - "Mom...can you believe Kyle got two strikes and beat me at bowling?!?!" Oh the competition is going to start soon!!! :) Maybe it already has! Here are a few pics of the fun!

Kyle had to help Will to pick up his ball!
Mommy and Ben!
It took Will's ball so long to get to the end that the boys had to sit it out!

And they didn't even complain about the 1982 Shoes?!?!

STeve's impression of a REAL blowler!!

Kyle is really good! He had two strikes!
Ben after his first spare! Loving life!
Will does it this way? Strange guy!!

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American Home Buyer Assistance said...

BLAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That one of Will is sooooo funny!!! Bowling nights are always so fun! Let me guess...Steve tried to win....Just kidding. Pink Shoes!!!