Monday, July 21, 2008

Has anyone seen an ugly green bear with slobber on it's leg and one eye????

Daddy and Ben and Kyle were playing tennis at the Main park late last week. Will and I decided to hop on my bike with the baby seat on the back and join the rest of the family. It is about a mile and a half away, so I put Will in the seat - helmet on - with Bah strapped in to the harnesses with him. ( I think?) They were all secure and off we went.

I suppose I should have realized that when we got to the park....there was no Bah? But Will was so excited to get there and get unhooked play on the grounds...and I was dripping with sweat and only wanting my bottle of water that was in my back pack....and so the story goes.....

I never gave Bah a thought until we were ready for bed that night....and then....NOTHING. WE looked everywhere. And then...we looked Everywhere - AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Nothing? So realizing that Bah might be outside laying on the ground...I hop on my bike and head out on a search. I rode the same path two times - to the park and back again and then once again. I looked in the gutters and the trees and on the walk - NOTHING. And then it got dark and I had to call it quits.

It is a straight shot to the park - one road. So where the heck was bah? Will claims that he was in the back yard? But we sure can't find him there. (Alligator food? Probably not!) And here we are - 5 days later - and we truly have yet to find him!

I asked all the neighbors and the kids along the way - I did everything but call out for Bah on my search. I feel like posting a sign - or many signs...all over town? Will is so sad - mommy is sadder. What a terrible mother I am to have let this happen.

So for now...and maybe forever...we have a new Bah...he is Blue Bah. He is the same bear only not as loved and not green. Will was much easier to take to this new love than i had anticipated! He took it, held it to his forehead, put the leg in his mouth, stared at it for a while...and then said...Ok Mommy - this my Bah now....oder bah lost!

But alas we still ask for Green bah and my heart aches each time he mentions him!...and maybe somehow...we will find him. Not likely...but I'll hope! If for no other reason than I wanted to keep him for all time in a memory box!! :)

Here is a small tribute to our lost friend! We love you Bah...and we miss you terribly!!


American Home Buyer Assistance said...

As funny as this story was I still can honestly say that I feel some sadness that Bah may be gone forever. I mean I get that all of our lives have changed significantly over the last three months but the loss of Bah just doesn’t sit well:). I glad he likes Blue Bah.

LoveBKW said...

No kidding! The humor was my minds way of masking the true heart ache that I feel! AGhhh....Green bah...where the heck are you?!?! I truly refuse to believe that he is gone forever - he has to turn up right?!?!!?

American Home Buyer Assistance said...

I remember when I lost Lion Ted and that was ruff. I think Big Will Dogg will be OK…actually I know he will be fine. This may actually be a good thing…That green Bah will be missed but he was getting yucky…I just hope he doesn’t replace Uncle Brian very easily:).

LoveBKW said...

Not a chance!!Umpee Brian....will never be replaced! They miss you so much! WAY more than silly old Moldy Bah!!! :)

Erica said...

Oh no...NOT BAH! Glad he has transitioned ok, but i am sad. I have been able to rescue green bah a few times and I was hoping to get a few more in! GREEN BAH, KNOW YOU ARE LOVED AND MISSED!