Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kyle is finding peace with our move...

As many of you know....Kyle had the hardest time adjusting to our move to Florida. He was angry and showed that in a variety of unpleasant ways. Once in a while I could get him to talk about his feelings...but more often than not...I would take a deep breath and tell myself "we all handle stress in different ways....and Kyle deserves his time to adjust just like the rest of us!"

We are now in week 4 of our time away from home and I have to share the smiles and silliness that are "Kyle" ONCE AGAIN! Our Kyle is coming back to us....and it is so wonderful to see!! I'm sorry little man that we had to uproot you like this and I am sorry for all the sadness that you are feeling! It makes us all so happy to see you loving life again and being the Mongold family entertainment! You are so so loved guy - words can not express it! These photos are to share your success with our family and friends, and for you to laugh at on the computer!! :) (the kids love to see the photos on the blog each time I post...especially the silly ones!!)

Kyle after our bike ride through the Egan's Greek Greenway! A bird sanctuary just a tenth of a mile from our house.

Getting ready to go see the fireworks on the 4th!

Just hoping to see the Alligator that the signs say lives in this park of the water!

Being a beach bum!

There it is....that silly smile that warms my heart!

Kyle has become quite the swimmer and boogie border in the last month!

Will and Ben are just as excited to see Kyle being himself as mommy and daddy are! It is awesome!!! :)

The dynamic duo is back!


Erica said...

Oh I am so happy Kyle is finding some happiness and peace. We are praying for you big guy...and know that as soon as we are back in Virginia, we will be knocking on your door!

dandsratz said...

It was SOO wonderful to see Kyle's happy face!!! It breaks my heart to know its not been easy on him!!!