Friday, July 4, 2008

Our RIsing Tennis Star

Fernandina Beach is an amazing community when it comes to city parks and trails and beaches etc. So very clean and new and there are at least 10 parks on this island. No kidding. The Island is only about 6 miles long and 3 miles deep and there are that many parks and playgrounds. And near most parks you will find beautiful tennis courts that anyone can use and many people playing tennis any time of day!

Well Ben would just watch the people play and ask lots of questions about Tennis in our first week here. Then one night he asked me if I would tape people playing Tennis on the TV so he could see how the "real" Tennis people played. And after an hour of watching the Wimbledon tryouts he said..."do we have enough money to get me a tennis racquet and some balls?"

So we headed out to the thrift store and for two dollars we got two very nice tennis racquet's and some balls. Then it began...each night...we find an empty court and play tennis. He was quite good for never having even see tennis before our move. And what he lacked in skill he made up for in the sheer desire to practice to get better. I have to tell him that I am done playing and we need to go home. He is covered in sweat and visibly tired...but not even close to wanting to quit for the day.

And that prompted some phone calls and I did find a tennis camp that he will start next week. 4 days - three hours per day. He will be the youngest guy out there. He made the cut off by a week. The coach said that it is a rigorous camp and that parents are encouraged not to stay and hang out. I explained all of this to Ben and he never wavered in his want to do this camp! And for those of you who know Ben....this is kind of an amazing desire! A new home and city, away from the hot sun...doing something he is not that good at...with people he does not know?

I have yet to see him love something like he loves to play I will write more after that camp to share how it all goes! Look out comes Ben Mongold!! :)

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dandsratz said...

HOW completely fun!! I was JUST thinking I should get Alexander to play!! Hmm.... GO BEN!! We miss you bad, Buddy!!!