Friday, July 4, 2008

Potty Training Will Will is now 3 and diapers are the day we moved into our new home... I decided that we will NOT wear diapers in this house. New life...diaper free! :) For the first week it was easy because we were home all the time unpacking boxes and i had the mind to ask Will each quarter of an hour if he had to pee. And each time he sat on the potty - he did his business.

Then came week two. We were out exploring and riding our bikes and just being very busy in typical Mongold style...and I would forget to ask. So there were a few accidents. And accidents don't sit well With Will. He does not like to make a mistake.

So Will....being the super quirky little man that he is decided that he will not pee in his pants...if he has no pants on? And so it began. As soon as I would turn around...he had his pants off. No place was too public to be without pants!

Will blowing out his candles on this birthday!

Will running outside to see Daddy come down the street from work!

Will playing with his brothers on his new toy!

Will playing in his "super hero socks" proving to the camera...that super hero's don't wear pants!

And finally if you needed more proof of this large point...this is Will opening his birthday presents...yet again...without drawers!

And I happy to report in week three of this process...that Will is finally able to wear pants "soemtimes" and almost flawlessly make it to the potty to pee! Time brings great things!! Still he prefers to have not pants on...but when we HAVE to wear them...we can deal!

Now someone tell me what to do about this one? I am standing talking to our neighbor three nights ago and i had Cali on the leash. We had just taken a long walk and Will rode his bike along with us. He was now playing in the neighbors yard with a play sword and being a very good boy as i talked and tried to get to know the new faces and personalities on our street.

Next thing I know...our 55 year old neighbor (male) says to me....I think your son just pooped in the yard. And he said it very calm. I of course start to run over to Will with a very red face and kind of in a half panic and the neighbor says, "Oh...don't worry...he pulled his pants down first, and then pulled them back up so I think he is clean!"

Ok...well clean is not the son just dropped trou and pooped in our new neighbors yard! Aghhhhhh!!!! So I politely exit the conversation and as I turn around to go tend to my son - There he is....Will...standing right there...with a log of poop in his hand. He lifts it up for me and says "Here mom...put this in the bag with Cali's poop"! Aghhhhh...... I calmly explained that people poop goes only in the potty and that Dogs have a different way of doing their business! just when you think you have it licked!! :) ha ha a ha....oh the memories we will have of William as a child. And I will report back on our progress in time. As I remember it...Ben and Kyle just took a week of making a few mistakes...and then they were potty trained? I don't remember it being quite the circus that we are having right now! :) But what would I have to laugh at without my circus! :) Have a great day!


Natalie said...

Just so you feel better - Ben was naked most of last summer, too! I was afraid he would be starting preschool without pants!! It was hard to convince him to pants on to go outside!! Although Ben tended to peepee in everyone's yards - we never had a poopie!! Yikes!!!!! At least Will cleaned up after himself!!!!! HEE!!!

dandsratz said...

Renee--I am LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF!!! Will, you are the BEST little man!!!!