Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just some more pics...

I'll tell ya....usually, I have at least one inspiring moment in a month that I am driven to write thought or feelings about. And truly....this past couple of months....NOTHING? Maybe that makes people happy! ha ha ha....and maybe not...but just the same - it is what it is.

I think that when you are sitting around talking to good friends for hours on end, it is unstoppable. The juices are always flowing and world problems, joys, life paths, life lessons etc. etc....they are just always happening and being talked about and being solved or raked over the coals for clarity! So to all of my dear friends who kept my life interesting and my brain engaged - I MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU! And I miss our time together! That easy time...that means so much, yet was such a part of my life that i took it for granted! I miss it all!! And I can't wait to have it again real soon :)

And until I get some creative juices back...I'll just share some pics of our last week together!!

Yes...Dear Brothers and Sister...That is YOUR the water! And on day two...she even got her hair wet...AND....dove to the deep end on NUMEROUS occasions, to retrieve the diving torpedo! saw it first right here!

The MOngold boys FINALLY all swim with their faces in the water! And Will...when he is about to go under with his face....seems to have a need for an extra surge of energy before the big dive. He screams out like a drunk frat boy right before he breaks the bottle over his own head!! :) but in the end of the show...he does in fact...put his head in the water!! Yeah!

Even now an UNDERWATER swimmer. He said to me this day at the pool, " is so much easier to get places when you are under that water!" I wanted to say "Duhhhhhhh!" But I am too mature for that!! :) Another big Yeah!

And Ben...the resident lifeguard...continues to be a fish in the water! I sooooo wish that he would agree to swim team. The coach saw him swim at the local pool and asked me if he would like to be on the team. She said they could use a fish like him. But he said no! Maybe next year?!?!

Just because I can....I had to share yet another photo of Mom in the pool! ha ha ha....oh my...I am cracking myself up!

All in all...Will summed it is relaxing and easy these days!! And we are enjoying it while we can!

Ben told me that he wanted to give he and Will a bath all by himself. So I said fine! I am all for some help around here! I waited 20 min before I headed in to the bathroom. (I listened from the next room carefully, but allowed Ben his time to do this job!) When I get in there...Will was in the tub with no clothes on (last time Ben forgot to take off Will's underware!) and they were both very very clean! Ben did awesome. He did get a bit creative and squirt mommy's shampoo (whole bottle) in the tub while it was filling! Amazing the bubbles that will create!

Anyone in need of entertainment each evening between 7 and 8 - feel free to visit Chez Mongold. It is free and quite entertaining! The Mongold Boys feature Ben on trumpet and Will on "tar"! Will they get sick of doing this each day? One can only hope!! :)


He got up the other morning and said - Mom...I had a dream that I didn't have training wheels - can I take them off? Of course we said sure....and within 2 min...Kyle was getting on and off his bike without help, starting stopping etc. etc. Like he had been doing it for years! WE even went trail riding the next morning! Just proves...when you are are just ready!!

Finally a real phot of our back yard friend! This is our guy sunning his head in the late afternoon. I took the photo form the back porch. Good thing...because by the time I got down the stairs....he was gone! So timid!! I like that in an alligator!! :)

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Erica said...

you made our night with those pics! bradley is screaming to see them again! we love u too!!!!!!!!