Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Friends

When Uncle Brian was here we were able to get close and personal with some of our dear Florida Friends! This is our neighborhood Gator! No name yet!

If you look between the boys - and behind them in the water - you will see our friend. They were more interested in playing star wars in the grass? But I think the gator was much more fun!

We were having lunch and we watched this turtle come up out of the pond and head into the middle of the yard. We had to go see him!!

That's all for now!!


Brian said...

Kyle named the gator "Ani" after the great Jedi Knight who he pretended to be all weekend. Ani the alligator does have a nice touch!

dandsratz said...

Oh Renee!! I just happened to check your blog this AM, Alexander is on my lap, and low & behold--YOU MADE HIS DAY!! He's been waiting to see a picture of "Ben's Alligator thtat lives in his backyard!!" HOW EXCITING!!!! Talk about an incredible backyard--alligators and turtles!!! :) We miss ya'll!!

Erica said...

And to think I was excited about a little purple jellyfish we saw yesterday! MONGOLDS YOU WIN :) And, honestly, I am glad you have the alligator...not us.