Friday, August 1, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

So many fun days have been had over the past two weeks. Steve has been home with us for a solid week, the Mongolds have come to visit, a water park was visited, beach days, a museum, and two trips to Jacksonville to tour around. It has been a nice vacation! Steve leaves tomorrow for a couple of weeks to head out to sea and our crazy time is coming to an end! We will miss our vacation! Here are some pics of our adventures!
And the very next blog is for the boys back on Larkspur Lane (that includes Benjamin, Bradley and Malcolm!!) I promised photos of the bugs and lizards and birds...and by are going to get them! I have been taking photos of everything cool that we see (when I have a camera) and I think I have a good little "boy" fim ready to go! More to come! Enjoy!

More lazy beach days!

We took Nana and Grandpa to Fort Clinch. This man had a wool jacket on and it was at least 90 degrees at 10am?!?! Now that is dedication to your job!

There are more tunnels and bunkers in this fort that you can imagine. It is huge! Amazing that people lived and fought here? The kids love the adventure part of it. This is our second visit!

This is our new babysitter Ashlynn. We have had two nights out thanks to her and the kids can't wait for her to come! She is super!

Just Will!

We had a Spaghetti dinner with Nana and Grandpa - it ended up being quite the adventure!

Nana had a present in her swim suit after a day at the beach?

Here is a closeup!

Our Neighbors will only be here for the summer (we think...they are thinking about possibly moving down here for good!! Fingers Crossed!) But Snow (7) Michael (9) and Andre (11) have been so much fun to play with and the kids are quite fond of their new friends! Can't replace our best friends...but nice to have next door for a good distraction!!

Waiting for the Water Taxi in Jacksonville!

Jacksonville has trains ALL THE TIME. It is so fun for the kids to watch them after the other!

Funny Hooters Wet Wipe! Had to share!

Pop Pop and Ben playing Tic Tac Toe!

STeve and Will's new best friends! AT Jacksonville Landing!

Ben really loved our waitress! I think he wanted to take her home!

Kyle wanted nothing to do with any of them! He stayed put under the table!

Big Day! Ben and Kyle both passed their swim test at the local pool. It was a no brainer for Ben - who can swim quite well. As for Kyle....the fact that he swam the entire lenght of the pool and back and then treaded water for one just amazing! He could not have done that just a month ago! And he is QUITE proud!

A bird in the food lion parking lot? He was not scared of me AT ALL!

Summer waves Park had slides and a kiddie park and a cool wave pool! The wave pool was their favorite thing to do!!

And Will....without a nap...gets very brave! We had to keep flipping him over and standing him he had a blast! I lost a few years off my life...but all worth it in the name of fun!

Pop pop likes to swim with the kids....they like to ride on pop pop in the waves? Not sure if Pop Pop likes that or not...but he does it! :)

After running to the car in a huge thunderstorm that we did not see coming....Will shows his dislike of this August Florida Weather! The other two love the challenge of getting to cover before being completely drenched! NOT WILL!! :)

MOSH - Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville. What a cool place!

Looking and weirdest and largest turtle we have ever seen in person. It had a beak?

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Erica said...

I forgot exactly HOW BLONDE Ben and Kyle get! They look like Bradley's brother right now...and oh, I guess they are sort of. We sure miss all of you! More than you can imagine. HUGS AND KISSES! Oh, and Kyle, Benjamin already has plans for your birthday :) hehe