Friday, August 29, 2008

quick story.... we all know that Kyle is the king of the deadpan face and the mouth opening comments....and so in continues...

Kyle came home from school on the first day and I said "Did you meet any friends at school today?" and he said, "Yeah...but I don't remember their names."

"Surly you must remember one name Kyle - can you think hard and tell me one name of the kids you played with today?"

He said "Oh kids name is Hayden...he is a nice kid though...and kids don't Hay-den....that's just his name - he is really a very nice guy!"
(yeah....hay-den...hate-em...all the same to kyle!)

And with that he walked away. Not trying to be funny? But oh so funny to me!! :) ha ha ha

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Erica said...

Oh dear Lord, I am laughing so hard! Kyle, I miss you. I do! I do!