Saturday, August 30, 2008

A sad Goodbye.

Just a week or so after we moved into our new house, we had a wonderful surprise! The current neighbors were almost complete in their move out (they were renting the house next door) and the home "owners" were moving into their house for the summer months!! We heard that they had three children and we watched each day till we saw them pull into the driveway!

It only took about a week of seeing each other every day for the children and their mom Cathy to become family to the Mongolds! Andre is 11, Mikel is 9 and Snow is 7. Not a real good age match with my family on the surface, but their relationships quickly grew into special friendships!
Andre and Ben loved to ride bikes and scooter and catch lizards etc. etc. The 5 years between them was not visible at all and they became the best of buds! Kyle and Mikel LOVE LOVE LOVE star wars. They are slightly obsessed from my point of view...but hey...I'm a girl! They played leggo star wars and played with star wars guys and light sabers....every single day...and it never got old!
And then there is my dear Snow. I swear that Will and I fought for her attention! And Will won - by the way! She loved will like a little mother and Will is GA Ga over Snow. She played dress up with him and played "night night time" with him. They build forts and watch TV and would sing and dance together for hours. I can't believe that she does not get sick of him...but never once has she shown anything but love for little Will.
Snow and Andre helped Kyle and Ben with their homework. And all three kids had home school work to get done each day this summer and we would tell them to do it fast so we could play. It ended up being such a blessing for Cathy! She said that they were actually doing two days worth of work in one day, so that they could be free to go to the beach and the pool etc!

All three of the kids are adopted from Russia and Cathy quickly became a wonderful friend and sounding board for me for that reason and many more. We could talk for hours while the kids played in the sand and it was always a pleasure to be around her.

And now...the summer is over. School starts for them on Tuesday...they are renting out their house again and moving back to Ashburn VA. FOR GOOD? sad for the Mongolds. It was gut wrenching to say goodbye to our dear friends in Virginia and I don't feel ready to go through another goodbye so soon. But is the day.

Oh how you will be missed Andre, Mikel, Snow and Cathy! Thank you for making a hard time in our lives so much easier! You gave us friendship when we had none and you gave us fun when it seemed hard to find! Thank you for making our house loud and full of life! We are forever grateful to you all and we look forward to keeping in touch and watching you all grow from afar!


Erica said...

Oh Renee...I am so sorry you guys are going through another goodbye. Sometimes, this life just seems so very difficult, but I wouldnt trade any of those friendships, and I know you wouldn't either. Hopefully, BKW have some gifts arriving any day that might at least make them smile for a bit...and know that no matter how far friends are from them, our hearts could not be closer!

dandsratz said...

Good gried...just pack your bags, and MOVE BACK HOME where we can love all over ya'll!!!! :) This makes my heart hurt! Ugh....