Monday, August 25, 2008

To visit or not to visit.....

The Hurricane was due to Hit the Jacksonville and the outlying areas on Thursday of Last week. How sad for the Mongold family because Uncle Brian was supposed to fly in Thursday morning. The reality looked bleak for planes being able to fly in at all last week. Stores were closing all over the place, the schools were closing down for the rest of the week, EVERYTHING was boarded up and other than the blowing trees and the noise of the tree frogs - Amelia Island was a weird kind of still.

I had to make the call to Uncle Brian on Wednesday morning to tell him of the terrible weather and about how it was just not going to be possible for him to get to us on Thursday. WE agreed that it was not the best idea to get in a plane and Brian suggested that he at least call the airlines and make sure that they were not flying....but all in didn't look good. I hung up the phone with a lump in my throat! Darn Hurricane....I want to see my brother and the kids wanted to see their uncle! But hey...what can you do.

About an hour after I had broken the news to Brian about the storm....I as walking from the YMCA to my car and noticed that I had a message on my phone. It was from Brian. In his message he explained that he had talked to the airlines and it was certain that the planes would not fly in or out of Jacksonville on Thursday, Friday and probably Saturday as well. He told me how sorry he was that the flights were cancelled and that he had even more bad news to tell me.....and after a pregnant pause he yelled....You are going to have to put up with me for an extra day because I fly out in 3 hours!!!! :)

The last plane from Norfolk to Jacksonville was leaving at 2pm and as you can well imagine - a plane flying into the eye of a hurricane - was not all that crowded and had lots of seats left! So instead of cooking dinner - I drove to the airport to get Brian!

And boy did he get here just in the nick of time!! The next three days were scary around here! As far as Hurricanes go, however, this was an easy one. Not a ton of destruction, lots of flooding, Trees down on roads and into some houses, some power loss (nothing all that long) and the movie theater stayed open!! Yeah....can't beat that! Boys loved Star Wars (Clone Wars)....all four of them!! :) Steve, Brian, Ben and Kyle!

The boys (everyone but Will and I) did some puddle hopping in the Jeep! Fun Hurricane time passer it was!!

And on Saturday, the sky turned blue and everyone started cleaning up! WE were able to take my Dad and Brain to the Historic District on Amelia Island - out to dinner on the docs with live music and we even got to watch our Alligator play in the pond for the better part of an hour! We crammed a whole lot of fun into that one nice day before Uncle Brian had to leave on Sunday morning!

Thanks for coming!! WE had so much fun! Thanks for weathering the storm with us! We miss you! Brian did most of the picutre taking, so I'll have to add more photos as I get them from him! But here are a few!

This is Uncle Brian from Will's view! Will was taking many of the photos!

Finding our way around and under the fallen trees! It was quite fun - kids felt like Diego on an adventure!

Will's favorite part of the after math was the mud!! That little piggy was right at home!

Will's view of Mommy and Uncle Brian? Yeah...just so funny to think about how the world looks to a two year old? Glad I am not that short anymore!! :)

More blockage! More trees to climb over and under! yeah!

DAdd and Kyle...walking the Greenway looking for destruction!!

This was the hour of still, where trees didn't move....birds didn't sing...and it was just still and quiet! And then came the rest of the storm! It was beautiful in a national geographics kind of way!

This is Steve gearing up for the big splash! This puddle was twice as big the day before but it was raining to hard to get out and take a photo! So these will have to do! I am no reporter...and I don' t brave the elements very well!

The kids were in the car and Brian was vido taping it yelling....STEVE YOU ARE THE BEST DAY EVER!!!! :)


Erica said...

Way to go Uncle Brian! I am sure you were such a welcomed addition to the hurricane!

And, Mongolds get ready for some company, because the Zayacs are about ready to invade!

LoveBKW said...

whoo hooo!!!!!!!

LoveBKW said...
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