Sunday, September 21, 2008

A disney adventure with the Hunters

Each year the Mongolds and the Hunters find a way to vacation in the same place! Together - having fun, playing with our kids, drinking beer and wine, eating good seafood and just relaxing! Well....being as relaxed as any two couples can be with 5 boys under the age of 6 running around!

When Shane and Ryan were just one, we spent a week in Chix Beach together - We knew then that we needed to do this again! By the next summer, we Had baby Kyle and Baby Ryan with us, and then the next summer we had yet another little man Will join the bunch!

And now...for the first time in the Mongold/Hunter vacation history - we had all 5 little and loving to participate in the fun! With our move to florida this summer and our adoptoin on the near horizon, unfortunately, the Mongold portion of our group was not able to do the whole week of vacation this year. And boy did that make me sad! Our together time is so fun and I anticipate it for the entire year! But just the same, we found a way to spend some time together in Disney!!

Shelli and Hunter and the boys are there all week, and very very early in the morning, we drove down to meet them at DIsney! We stayed in the Shades of Green Hotel and REsort with them and left Kicking and screaming on Sunday for home!

We spent most of our time the Magic Kingdom! Pirates of the CArabean was the favorite ride for all the kids - we rode it two times! I think maybe Will might of liked "Its a small world" a bit better, but he knew it was not cool to admit that to the other 4 pirate loving men that he was hanging with!!

All the kids bought Pirate guns after the ride was over and the second time we rode...they took the guns with them to be real pirates! Log rides, and roller coasters, great shows, fun food, lots of junk, rocket ships, peter pan, the light parade and a cool train ride back to the hotel were just part of the fun! We ordered pizza by the pool at 11:00 at night as the kids swam and we all watched them enjoy each others company! Truly the perfect day! We were so exausted that Ben melted down on the pool side and STeve had to carry him to the room!

There is something magical about our kids loving each other so much! Shelli and I have been the best of friensd since we were just 13 years old? I mean....could it really be that we have been together like sisters for 25 years? So much history, so many phases in our lives, so much fun and never ending love. It means the world to me to have Shelli and her family in my life! And the fact that Shane and Ben love each other so very much and that all the boys get along and play together as if they see each other every day - brings it all full circle!

There is no distance to far, or time between visits to long for them! They ALWAYS remember how much they love each other. We could not have fathomed those 25 years ago that we would be sitting with our kids at Walt Disney World in the year 2008 with our Husbands hanging out eating Huge Gross Turkey Legs, our kids enjoying every second they can be together. And through it all, our friendship being the link that keeps us together each year! We are so very lucky to have each other and so blessed that our worlds stay entwined!

You make our world a better place Hunters! Thank you for a super weekend and for being so special to all of us!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Through the eyes of a grand daugher in law.

The Mongold clan spend this past weekend in Savannah Georgia with Steve's whole family. We spent our time saying goodbye to ,and celebrating the life of, Grandpa Mongold. Ed Mongold. A wonderful and giving man that added so much to our lives! It was a sad time because we will miss him being here with us terribly. And it was a happy time to see so many family members there to celebrate all that he was to us! I know he was looking down with a huge smile and a deep laugh as he watched the kids being crazy and running around the church. He was smiling at all the stories stories that were told and he was with warm heart as he felt all the love that we were sending his way!

At the service, Ed's daughter and Steve's Aunt - Linda - talked so eloquently about how much she missed her father and about her memories of her dad. She talked of how many facets her father had to his life. He was a father, a friend, a husband, a boss.... So many people will remember Grandpa Mongold in so many different ways, depending on what glasses a person saw him through.

I got to thinking on my way home about how "I" had known Grandpa. I knew him through the eyes of a grand daughter in law. A new person to the family, a new Mongold woman. We shared the same last name, yet i knew him for such a short time compared to the other Mongold family members.

It was 9 years ago that I met Ed Mongold. Steve and I were living together and newly engaged. We had a home in Virginia Beach, Virgina. Not but a month after we moved into our place, we had a call from Ruth and Ed asking if we would be free for a visit! And what a visit it was. From the second I met Ruth and Ed, I knew for certain - without reservation - I was "IN"! I felt loved from the second that they walked through the door. Grandpa hugged me as tight and as big as any person that I had known for years would have! He would smile when he looked at me and told me over and over how happy he was to be with Stephen and with me!

And so it began! I would get so excited any and every time that i knew we would get to spend time with Ruth and Ed! I didn't have to try, I didn't have to want...I just got it! LOVE - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Ed looked at me on my wedding day and told me - with tears in his eyes - that I was the most beautiful bride he had even seen, next to his own bride!! Each baby that I gave birth to brought him so much happiness that I could not wait to show him the next addition! His love for my boys was also so very unconditional! He would laugh when they were bad, and look at me and say "Don't you worry about them...they are special and perfect!" Ed always made me feel like the best mom in the world! Even on a bad day when my kids were pushing me over the top, he could convince me that i was GREAT at being a mother! "You do such a great job Renee," he would say. Oh how great those words sounded coming from someone that I admired so much! He had no idea how helpful that was and I certainly wish I had told him that more often!

He played the piano for the kids one time when we were vising and the loud noise made Kyle cry so hard that he was in a full fledged panic! And instead of quitting, he asked Kyle to sit on his lap...he let Kyle press the piano keys and make the noise himself....he sat there for so long with the boys letting them make the most awful of music. And by the time he was done with them....he was playing his music and they were running around and dancing like the crazy men that they are! Truly appreciating their GG and his talents!

Grandpa Mongold had a special place for in his heart for little Will. He would smile at him when he was a baby and Will would just sit and stare at him in amazement! Will loved to tease Grandpa and hide from him and it would make "GG" (Great Grandpa - that is what the kids call Ruth and Ed...THE GG's) laugh the heartiest of laughs! It brought smiles to all of our faces!

Grandpa, you loved me so much and i knew that from the day I met you! You accepted me and saw greatness in me no matter what! You loved my kids and you loved Steve with such passion. I miss you, and I will continue to miss you. I promise to tell my boys all about you and to keep you alive in their hearts until they see you again! You will never be forgotten and you will always be so very loved! Thank you for all that you were to me, your Grand Daughter in law!

The day we learned to appreciate the piano!

The GG's with their first Great Grand Baby "Ben".

Our trip to the train museum in NC!
Will and GG - solving the worlds problems together!
A day at the park with the GG's and the kids!
Now those are some good GG's! Riding the Merry go Round with the kids!
Grandpa and Will dancing!
Our wonderful beach house memories!
WE took the kids to a museum in DE for a day of fun!
Fun at the cottage in Virginia Beach! A family trip to play Mini Golf!
The perfect family dinner! The people we love - and LOBSTER!
Together to celebrate Bob's 40 years in the ministry - a weekend to remember!
The happy, warm smile that will live in my heart forever!
GG loved to tell the kids secrets! The LOVED to hear them! Still not sure what he was telling them???
We love and miss you Grandpa! Thank you for all that you were to so many people! I love you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank goodness Will is hard to understand!

I can't really believe I am going to write about this, because it is kind of gross. But funny? So here it goes!

Someone is Kyle's school announced to him that he had been plagued with "Explosive Diarrhea" over the weekend! Yeah....grosss...I don't even say that second word...we call it the "d" word around here! But none the less..Kyle found this hysterical! ANd he made sure to tel me all about it when I picked him up from school. I didn't make a big deal and told him how sad that was for his friend and let it go at that!

So I go outside to meet up with the kids on the tire swing later in the day and Ben and Kyle are screaming "Explosive Diarrhea" and laughing their heads off. Really...yelling it for all the neighbors to hear! I told them that if they said it again they would be losing all video game fun for a long time. And it stopped!

Now will is just playing with Bah in the yard and not really seeming to notice all that is transpiring at the tire swing!

About two hours later - daddy walks in the door. Now, Will, LOVES to make people laugh and tries so hard to be the funny guy most all the time. He runs up to daddy and yells "Daddy...I have "FLOW-CHIV - DINA-RITA!!"

Steve looked at me and said "WHAT THE HECK DOES HE HAVE?" Oh my goodness...only I knew what he meant and I could not help by die laughing. So now...will sees me laughing - "goal accomplished"....and he is running around galloping in circles yelling "FLOW-CHIV-DINA-RITA"!! Ben and Kyle hesitantly told Daddy what will way saying and then looked at me that grounds for trouble mom?? We were just helping to translate!!?? :) ha ha ha

Oh Will....I know that I can't make you understand why that is a bad thing to say...and I know you will say it in public someday to make some innocent stranger laugh! Thank one can understand what you are saying but us!! :)

Happy Faces...Full Heart

School has started and days begin before sun up! Our bodies and minds seems a bit more exhausted on a daily basis, but the full schedule, new friends, new activities and fun events seem to keep a smile on every ones face! And for that...I will run crazy 24-7! No questions asked!

The Mongold Update:

School started for all of the boys a few weeks back. Each child really loves their teachers and no one complains about having to go to school! They can't wait to get there and they come home with super stories about their new friends and the things that they accomplished in their time away from home!

Ben is taking Tennis lessons and is truly pretty good for a little guy and is hell bent on getting better each week. I love to see his determination paying off! Heck...he loves it too. Tennis and Baseball mean so much to Ben and when something means this much...he tries so hard! I applaud his dedication and look forward to watching him grow!

We also began the cub scouts this week where we have already met a few new friends. With the pine Derby and the weekend camp out in the near future...excitement is high for all the kids. They are all family events that Kyle and Will can participate in as well! I love that about the cubscouts and I am glad we have such a great group of people on the island running it! Very family friendly!!

Kyle is learning to read and write... and because this is his second year in Pre-K, he is soaring high and doing very well. I am sure he did well last year too, but this year has been quite a confidence builder for him! Kyle has a best friend at school named Hayden and he is smitten with a little petite blond girl names Heaven! She is too cute for words and Kyle tells me every day how pretty she is and how he is able to help her with her writing because she is smaller than him and asks for his help! Kyle loves to help...and from what the teacher tells me...Heaven is liked by all the boys and girls...but she likes Kyle the best!! :) ha ha ha....can it really start this early!

Will loves his teacher, Miss Louise! Now...when Will says her name is sounds more like "Wa-Weeeez"....but hey...he tries! And she really like him too. He is a strange bird...he went to school with a shoelace tied around his head today and told Miss WaWeeez that she needed to call him pirate Will or he could not answer. Not "Would not" answer..."Could not". He is the quirkiest guy I know....(Sue...he has me beat hands down!!) But his teachers seems to love that about him and he also has some nice little friends in his class. Wills talking has just come in leaps and bounds! He is a real boy with real sentences and all! Everything in time I guess!!:) We are so happy for him and his crazy little unique way of living life. He is a happy boy!

Steve is now officially the XO of the Rhode Island. His is back to real work and long days, but he loves what he is doing and very much likes the people he is working with! WE are so happy about that and happy that we have a happy daddy!! :) And in his off time, he built a tire swing for the kids, we take jeep rides, and spend many a day with Daddy at the beach perfecting our boogie boarding skills!

I, have just been playing taxi and making sure the we get our play time in between all the open houses, school meetings, tennis lessons, pack meetings, grocery store trips, homework etc. etc. WE became member of the local zoo in Jacksonville, so some of these pics are taken from there. It is a neat place! It is like a botanical gardens, amusement park, and zoo all in one. We ride the train, dig for dinosaur bones, play in the splash park, see apes and crocs and play with stingrays in a pool - all in one day! We have been going every other weekend! It was well worth the small amount that we paid to be members and I can't wait to take everyone there when they visit!! :)

Here are some pics of my happy faces! The faces that make it all worth while. The reason that we go till we drop! I love these happy faces so very much and they make each day a wonderful day for this crazy mom! My heart is full and body is tired! Must have been a good week! Love to all!