Sunday, September 21, 2008

A disney adventure with the Hunters

Each year the Mongolds and the Hunters find a way to vacation in the same place! Together - having fun, playing with our kids, drinking beer and wine, eating good seafood and just relaxing! Well....being as relaxed as any two couples can be with 5 boys under the age of 6 running around!

When Shane and Ryan were just one, we spent a week in Chix Beach together - We knew then that we needed to do this again! By the next summer, we Had baby Kyle and Baby Ryan with us, and then the next summer we had yet another little man Will join the bunch!

And now...for the first time in the Mongold/Hunter vacation history - we had all 5 little and loving to participate in the fun! With our move to florida this summer and our adoptoin on the near horizon, unfortunately, the Mongold portion of our group was not able to do the whole week of vacation this year. And boy did that make me sad! Our together time is so fun and I anticipate it for the entire year! But just the same, we found a way to spend some time together in Disney!!

Shelli and Hunter and the boys are there all week, and very very early in the morning, we drove down to meet them at DIsney! We stayed in the Shades of Green Hotel and REsort with them and left Kicking and screaming on Sunday for home!

We spent most of our time the Magic Kingdom! Pirates of the CArabean was the favorite ride for all the kids - we rode it two times! I think maybe Will might of liked "Its a small world" a bit better, but he knew it was not cool to admit that to the other 4 pirate loving men that he was hanging with!!

All the kids bought Pirate guns after the ride was over and the second time we rode...they took the guns with them to be real pirates! Log rides, and roller coasters, great shows, fun food, lots of junk, rocket ships, peter pan, the light parade and a cool train ride back to the hotel were just part of the fun! We ordered pizza by the pool at 11:00 at night as the kids swam and we all watched them enjoy each others company! Truly the perfect day! We were so exausted that Ben melted down on the pool side and STeve had to carry him to the room!

There is something magical about our kids loving each other so much! Shelli and I have been the best of friensd since we were just 13 years old? I mean....could it really be that we have been together like sisters for 25 years? So much history, so many phases in our lives, so much fun and never ending love. It means the world to me to have Shelli and her family in my life! And the fact that Shane and Ben love each other so very much and that all the boys get along and play together as if they see each other every day - brings it all full circle!

There is no distance to far, or time between visits to long for them! They ALWAYS remember how much they love each other. We could not have fathomed those 25 years ago that we would be sitting with our kids at Walt Disney World in the year 2008 with our Husbands hanging out eating Huge Gross Turkey Legs, our kids enjoying every second they can be together. And through it all, our friendship being the link that keeps us together each year! We are so very lucky to have each other and so blessed that our worlds stay entwined!

You make our world a better place Hunters! Thank you for a super weekend and for being so special to all of us!


Erica said...

Looks like so much fun! It is a magincal place, right? Even the sleepiest of children can have a great time at Disney! We love you and miss you. Kyle, Benjamin loved the shirt you chose!!! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Hugs and Kisses!

dandsratz said...

Oh Renee! What a grand weekend ya'll had for sure!! Isn't it absolutely splendid living so close to all of this fabulous stuff!!! And then to spend it with your best friends...It just doesn't get any better!! I love seeing ya'lls smiles and those happy little boys!!!