Monday, September 1, 2008

The prefect package on the perfect day!

On Saturday, we had a sad day - as I wrote about in the previous blog. Ben spent much of the day crying for his new friends that were leaving him. It broke my heart! I think that leaving Chesapeake was a first time "leaving" experience and the kids didn't really get what all it entailed until now. And now that they realize what it means to actually "leave" their dear friends....this time was a bit more traumatic in a way? But in truth, when Ben cried, he cried mostly for his Chesapeake Friends. The feeling that he was a about to be separated from yet another friend, made him long even deeper for his true best buds. It was a hard day all around!

Around 10:00am on this day (Saturday) a package was dropped off at our door from the Zayacs!! I knew to wait till Mikel, Andre and Snow left to open it. I knew it was going to be a fun package and a package full of love!! And I knew more than ever before how much they would need that reminder of their best buddies on this day. So before bed...after the tears had subsided....we opened the package!

HOW FUN! The boys loved their Hawaii gear so much that they put it on right away and wore their new shirts to bed...and then all through the next day!! Ben read everyones shirt to them and it didn't take but a second for them to realize whose shirt was what!! They so fit their personalities and most of all they knew that they came from Benjamin, Bradley and Erica and that made their eyes light up like bulbs!!

Daddy ran a race the next morning and we went to cheer him on! At the race, many people comented on the kids and their somewhat matching attire. After each comment, Ben and Kyle would explain (together and loud) who they came from and they would tell the story of The Zayacs in Hawaii! The strangers looked at them like they were slightly nuts - boys, explaining for 10 min about their shirt? But It warmed my heart each time!

Erica - you are an angel and always seem to know just what we need! Thank you for all of our special gifts on the perfect day! WE love and miss you and can't wait to see you when you get back to the good old States!! :)


Erica said...

I am so happy our little surprise arrived on the perfect day! We love all of you and I cannot wait to hug those little surfer boys! And, you, too, Renee! I miss all of you so much. It won't be long now...the Zayacs will be mainlanders soon. LOVE ALL OF YOU! Those smiling faces made mine and Benjamin's day!

Brian said...

I have a very similar picture of Will showing off his belly when I was down there.

Erica said...

That IS Will's signature pose, I think :)

LoveBKW said...

STrange kid....he will smile and say cheese and as soon as you snap the photo he will say...Now my belly? what up with that???

dandsratz said...

Oh, look at those sweet faces!!! I seriously think that Erica has that "gift"....she has the most phenomenal way of 'picking up spirits!'....I'm SOOO glad that she made ya'lls day!! On a side note--LOOK AT THOSE BLONDE BLONDE BLONDE boys!!! Sun babies for sure!! :)