Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank goodness Will is hard to understand!

I can't really believe I am going to write about this, because it is kind of gross. But funny? So here it goes!

Someone is Kyle's school announced to him that he had been plagued with "Explosive Diarrhea" over the weekend! Yeah....grosss...I don't even say that second word...we call it the "d" word around here! But none the less..Kyle found this hysterical! ANd he made sure to tel me all about it when I picked him up from school. I didn't make a big deal and told him how sad that was for his friend and let it go at that!

So I go outside to meet up with the kids on the tire swing later in the day and Ben and Kyle are screaming "Explosive Diarrhea" and laughing their heads off. Really...yelling it for all the neighbors to hear! Aghhh...so I told them that if they said it again they would be losing all video game fun for a long time. And it stopped!

Now will is just playing with Bah in the yard and not really seeming to notice all that is transpiring at the tire swing!

About two hours later - daddy walks in the door. Now, Will, LOVES to make people laugh and tries so hard to be the funny guy most all the time. He runs up to daddy and yells "Daddy...I have "FLOW-CHIV - DINA-RITA!!"

Steve looked at me and said "WHAT THE HECK DOES HE HAVE?" Oh my goodness...only I knew what he meant and I could not help by die laughing. So now...will sees me laughing - "goal accomplished"....and he is running around galloping in circles yelling "FLOW-CHIV-DINA-RITA"!! Ben and Kyle hesitantly told Daddy what will way saying and then looked at me like....is that grounds for trouble mom?? We were just helping to translate!!?? :) ha ha ha

Oh Will....I know that I can't make you understand why that is a bad thing to say...and I know you will say it in public someday to make some innocent stranger laugh! Thank Goodness...no one can understand what you are saying but us!! :)


dandsratz said...

Renee!!! This has me with tears laughing down my face!!! Oh I would have payed a million dollars to have been here for this one!!!

lyss23 said...

lol niles almost peed himself when he read this!! He thinks will is histerical ha ha I wish I could have been there to see Steve's reaction!