Sunday, September 14, 2008

Through the eyes of a grand daugher in law.

The Mongold clan spend this past weekend in Savannah Georgia with Steve's whole family. We spent our time saying goodbye to ,and celebrating the life of, Grandpa Mongold. Ed Mongold. A wonderful and giving man that added so much to our lives! It was a sad time because we will miss him being here with us terribly. And it was a happy time to see so many family members there to celebrate all that he was to us! I know he was looking down with a huge smile and a deep laugh as he watched the kids being crazy and running around the church. He was smiling at all the stories stories that were told and he was with warm heart as he felt all the love that we were sending his way!

At the service, Ed's daughter and Steve's Aunt - Linda - talked so eloquently about how much she missed her father and about her memories of her dad. She talked of how many facets her father had to his life. He was a father, a friend, a husband, a boss.... So many people will remember Grandpa Mongold in so many different ways, depending on what glasses a person saw him through.

I got to thinking on my way home about how "I" had known Grandpa. I knew him through the eyes of a grand daughter in law. A new person to the family, a new Mongold woman. We shared the same last name, yet i knew him for such a short time compared to the other Mongold family members.

It was 9 years ago that I met Ed Mongold. Steve and I were living together and newly engaged. We had a home in Virginia Beach, Virgina. Not but a month after we moved into our place, we had a call from Ruth and Ed asking if we would be free for a visit! And what a visit it was. From the second I met Ruth and Ed, I knew for certain - without reservation - I was "IN"! I felt loved from the second that they walked through the door. Grandpa hugged me as tight and as big as any person that I had known for years would have! He would smile when he looked at me and told me over and over how happy he was to be with Stephen and with me!

And so it began! I would get so excited any and every time that i knew we would get to spend time with Ruth and Ed! I didn't have to try, I didn't have to want...I just got it! LOVE - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Ed looked at me on my wedding day and told me - with tears in his eyes - that I was the most beautiful bride he had even seen, next to his own bride!! Each baby that I gave birth to brought him so much happiness that I could not wait to show him the next addition! His love for my boys was also so very unconditional! He would laugh when they were bad, and look at me and say "Don't you worry about them...they are special and perfect!" Ed always made me feel like the best mom in the world! Even on a bad day when my kids were pushing me over the top, he could convince me that i was GREAT at being a mother! "You do such a great job Renee," he would say. Oh how great those words sounded coming from someone that I admired so much! He had no idea how helpful that was and I certainly wish I had told him that more often!

He played the piano for the kids one time when we were vising and the loud noise made Kyle cry so hard that he was in a full fledged panic! And instead of quitting, he asked Kyle to sit on his lap...he let Kyle press the piano keys and make the noise himself....he sat there for so long with the boys letting them make the most awful of music. And by the time he was done with them....he was playing his music and they were running around and dancing like the crazy men that they are! Truly appreciating their GG and his talents!

Grandpa Mongold had a special place for in his heart for little Will. He would smile at him when he was a baby and Will would just sit and stare at him in amazement! Will loved to tease Grandpa and hide from him and it would make "GG" (Great Grandpa - that is what the kids call Ruth and Ed...THE GG's) laugh the heartiest of laughs! It brought smiles to all of our faces!

Grandpa, you loved me so much and i knew that from the day I met you! You accepted me and saw greatness in me no matter what! You loved my kids and you loved Steve with such passion. I miss you, and I will continue to miss you. I promise to tell my boys all about you and to keep you alive in their hearts until they see you again! You will never be forgotten and you will always be so very loved! Thank you for all that you were to me, your Grand Daughter in law!

The day we learned to appreciate the piano!

The GG's with their first Great Grand Baby "Ben".

Our trip to the train museum in NC!
Will and GG - solving the worlds problems together!
A day at the park with the GG's and the kids!
Now those are some good GG's! Riding the Merry go Round with the kids!
Grandpa and Will dancing!
Our wonderful beach house memories!
WE took the kids to a museum in DE for a day of fun!
Fun at the cottage in Virginia Beach! A family trip to play Mini Golf!
The perfect family dinner! The people we love - and LOBSTER!
Together to celebrate Bob's 40 years in the ministry - a weekend to remember!
The happy, warm smile that will live in my heart forever!
GG loved to tell the kids secrets! The LOVED to hear them! Still not sure what he was telling them???
We love and miss you Grandpa! Thank you for all that you were to so many people! I love you.


R said...

What a sweet post Renee, it is so fun to hear how Grandpa came to know and love you, Ben, Kyle, & Will. . .It has been so neat to hear stories like these and feel the perspectives of those beyond my own lens.

I hope you don't mind that I am borrowing your pics of Grandpa here to add to the historical archive I worked on for my own collection and the site.

It was so great to see you & Steve this weekend and finally meet B/K/W too!


dandsratz said...

Renee, what a tribute!! And what precious memories!!!

Dianne said...

Renee, this was lovely and from your heart. What a wonderful tribute to Dad. It was hard these past few days to have so much enjoyment with the family together, only to remember why we were there. But you're right, Dad would have loved every minute of it. I'm so glad Dad was a part of all of our lives. Bless you for putting it in your own words.

Loved being with you, Stephen, Ben, Kyle, and Will. It was really special to have everyone together. Saying goodbye is always hard. But, we have Thanksgiving to look forward to! Take care and will talk to you soon.