Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daddy's new toy!

This past weekend, the Mongolds added another family member to the house!'s not alive. Well....Steve talks to it, so maybe it is?

Yep....a new jeep! Or....and old - new - jeep? But new to Steve none the less!

For weeks Steve has talked about this old Jeep that was for sale by a man on his base in Georgia. I was in full support of this purchase...but I did wonder where the heck we would put it? we are kind of packed into this rental on the beach, and with a very small driveway and a garage that was only able to fit one car - at the time - the questions were obvious and real! We wanted daddy to have his toy...but could it fit in our house?

This past Saturday, with the help of Uncle Brian, the Jeep was purchased and became ours! After a full day of throwing things out, hanging hooks and shelves and organizing the will see that it ACTUALLY fit! Amazing!

I don't know what year it is, or any history on it. It is old - early 80's (old for a car...that is so young in people years right?!?!) It only goes 45 miles per hour and it sounds like a lawn mower!! But Steve is having the time of his life. He rode around with our neighbor Chris the other night and takes the kids around the block over and over. This new toy makes Steve smile from ear to ear! He just stares at it and plans all the things he will do with it!!

As for me...i am happy that Steve is happy - happy that i can still get into the garage, and happy that I have married a man this is so very simple and easy to please! Have fun daddy - we love your new toy....not as much as you love it....but we do love it!! :)

Daddy Car - baby car...
Tough men?!?!
The bumper sticker that makes me laugh out loud!
Darn thing actually fits in our garage!
Steve driving his new toy!
The kids LOVE IT!


Erica said...

HOw fun that he can be pleased with such a small thing! That is great! We cannot wait to see the new baby of the family :) Of course, I wasnt expecting it to be a jeep!!!

dandsratz said...

Oh my word!!! Renee!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! I'm going to HAVE to show Dave this post!! Aren't ya'll having the time of your life!! Take it from me...this jeep won't wake you up in the middle of the enjoy this new baby!! he he!! :) I need to email you personally soon!! I miss catching up with you! Kiss the boys from me!

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Gator said...

My hat is off to you, as an ex-squid, I know what you are going through, as the boat heads out to sea. Served my time on one of the old desiel boats, so our patrols were not as long as you have to endure. You have a great site, and a lovely family. May your sailor have a safe trip......