Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

Kyle is 5! The biggest kid in his Pre-K class! And crazy enough....because of his age...probably the most mature kid in his class as well!! ha ha ha.

His birthday was a national holiday! It started at Disney world, then took a turn to game stop, then school....and then home to receive some REALLY great gifts in the mail! Things like LEGGO BATMAT, and a LIGHT UP DARTH VADER COSTUME and a MIX AND MATCH LIGHT SABER!! Yeah.....Kyle turning 5 was a time to remember!!

Our little guy glowed from sun up to sun down for about a full week! His smiles were so real and his Grateful heart came into full swing! He wanted to pick up the phone each time he received a gift to tell the person how happy it made him! And most time....we did just that!

Thank you to everyone that made Kyle's day so special! That means to world to him and about 100 times more to his dear Mommy!! :)

Here are some pics for his classroom party! His best Buddy Zach is sitting beside him and his other Best Buddy Will on the other side! Little Zach is about a foot shorter than Kyle and weighs at least 20 pounds less...but - at school - they are like two peas in a pod and he is a very nice little man!

And of course...we all know Kyle...his other best friends are the pretty girls with icing all over their faces! ha ha ha....Kyles little entourage!! :)

Happy 5th Kyle....we love you more than you can ever know!!

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