Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are coming little man!!!

On September 22, 2008 - just one day before Kyle's birthday - we got our "Call"! The call that we have waited for 3 years to answer!

It was the most amazing moment! I assumed when I saw the caller ID, that we were going to need to do additional paperwork because of our recent move. We had been working hard for about 3 months to get everything up to date and changed to the state of Florida. A whirlwind of paperwork that assured us when our call came...we would be ready for it!

And so we were - ready that is....!! "Renee, we have a match for you!", Pam Said, "And I'll tell ya - cute isn't the most important thing...but this little dear is DARN CUTE!"

As she was telling me the details of little Song, I was making a mad dash for my computer where his pictures were waiting in my in box! It took me about 1 second to fall in love with our little man and in that same instant - I knew he was meant to be our son!

Song is 19 months old and he resides in a social welfare institution in the city of Xinyang, in the province of Henan. Song is assumed to have been born full term and is now in the normal range for size and abilities. He speaks words (not in english of course) blows kisses, plays with toys and seems to be a wonderful little guy! He is said to be shy with strangers. But will talk to them if he is in his nanny's arms!

We don't know all that much about him, but we do have doctors reports and these three photos, and it seems that is all the Mongold family needed to welcome our baby into our hearts! Ben told his teacher and the kids at school before I had a chance to tell them, and they wondered if he was making it up! ha ha ha....they must not know Ben that well yet...the kid DOES NOT lie!! :)

We have been waiting for 4 weeks for a form from China (PA) that makes this all official. Yes, we were already approved by the Chinese government, but you have to be approved for the "specific child" once you accept them. So I have been dying to share this news and am so happy that we can finally do that!

We have at least a month wait now for another set of papers, and then we can work on travel. Fingers and toes crossed that we can have Joshua Song home for Christmas!!

I'll keep the blog updated along the way! Love to all!


Ryan said...

This is great news, we all can't wait to see and hear more as the travel gets closer! Today does BKW become BKWJ? Congrats guys!
Love, Ry

dandsratz said...

Renee!!! OH MY WORD!!!!! I just want to get in the car, drive, & give you the biggest hug!! I'm SO overly excited!!! Renee, Josh is the CUTEST little boy ever!!! I can't WAIT to meet him!! Oh, I love him already, and he is a member of the most amazing & loving family! He's only a couple of months younger than Hamilton--they can play on the street together!! Oh, I'm speechless, and teary, too, and the enormous blessing this little boy is and the love that he is going to receive, and already is...across the ocean!!! WOO-HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Erica said...

Renee, you know my heart on this! This child is among the most blessed in the world! I have tried so hard to keep this secret, and I am so glad it is no longer that...we can shout from the mountaintops! All my love! My heart has already expanded for you, little man! I love you to pieces, just as I love all of your brothers!

lyss23 said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love him so much already!! I am so happy for you and the fam!!! Congrats Girl! I love you all!!!

Dianne said...

Renee, Bob and I are thrilled, more than you can ever know, for you, Stephen, Ben, Kyle, and Will. Love Josh's name. It fits him. He's beautiful and we can't wait to be there to greet him! Love to all. Nana and Grandpa

Erica said...

Ok I know I have already commented...but for goodness sake...I LOVE THIS BOY! Joshua Song Mongold, I love you! So, get ready for some serious hugs and kisses as soon as you recover from your mommy and brothers doing just that, because your Erica is going to be there in a flash!

oofie goofie said...

What an adorable boy!!!! Congratulations! A house full of brothers - they are going to make some wonderful memories together!