Thursday, October 30, 2008

We wait together

So we wait? Aghhh...waiting is life's hardest path isn't it? Not knowing when....or how it will go...or if I am prepared....amazing how a wait for something so important can make you second guess every part of your being!! :) My head might be crazy...but my heart remains focused and strong! NO MATTER what this path holds for us....I know in my heart it is the right one!

I read stories about good Chinese Adoption experiences and they warm my heart. And I read stories that are not so positive, and that keeps my balance and my reality in check!

So what do we do while we wait for Joshua Song....we NEST, send packages, buy him toys for under the tree, and talk about him each and every day! The kids are so excited that they will tell anyone that will listen! And Will says "Josh -U- a is coming to sleep with me...and he is CHUTE!" (LOVE THAT WILL AND HIS WILL LANGUAGE!!! :)

We have sent two care packages to the orphanage to date, and a third one is on the way. In this one, I have included a story to little Josh that can be read to him by his Nannies! it will contain the following pics, and under each photo will be an English part and a translated Mandarin part. (I'll spare you the Mandarin...but suffice it to will be written above the English version on each page!) This way, we can continue to read it to him in English when he is with us! It will help him to understand that just because it sounds different or looks different does not mean that it is!!

A forever family for Song

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Song! He was a happy boy, with a beautiful heart and a handsome face! He lived in China with his wonderful nannies. And he was very much loved!

A mommy and Daddy and three bothers’ in the United States found out that Song needed a family to call his own. It was so perfect because this family longed for another little boy to love!

Mommy and Daddy worked hard to get all the work done so that Song could come and live with them forever.

Mommy and Daddy made Song a wonderful Bedroom. And Brother Will is very excited to have a special little brother to sleep with him every night.

Ben and Kyle helped mommy and daddy pick out lots of toys for Song to play with.

The Mongold family could not wait to have their little boy home with them so they could play with him, hug him, and love him with all of their hearts!

One day, Mommy was finally able to come to China to see her little boy for the first time. She held him and hugged him and cried tears of joy each time that she looked into his eyes.

After a couple of weeks in China, Song was able to get on a big airplane and fly across the oceans to meet his Daddy and his brothers!

Song lived a perfect life with his new family and it was always clear that he was meant to be with them. He made their life complete and gave his family so much joy.

Song grew to love his three brothers and the four boys were best friends for all of time! And Song loved his mommy and daddy – and they loved him – with a love that was bigger than the mountains and reached farther than the sun!

We will see you soon little man! We love you so much!

Your forever family,
Mommy, Daddy, Ben (age 6), Kyle (age 5) and Will (age 3)


Erica said...

Joshua Song can I add a note in there to you that you have been given one of the best families in the entire world! Your life is about to get so very wonderful!

Dianne said...
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Dianne said...

So much to look forward to for all of us. Isn't life amazing? A little boy so far away needs a family, and a wonderful family in Florida needs another little boy! Life is so good! Can't wait to be part of all this love. Nana and Grandpa