Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! I only have a minute before I head off to down some turkey and have a feast with the family!! But I wanted to share that we will be heading to get our little Josh on December 10th! Out at 6am and back on Christmas day around 11:45 at night! I think Santa is coming one day late to the Mongold house this year...what a magical day it "may" be?

Of course...a screaming baby, that does not speak English....jet lag....excitement of three crazy brothers....yeah....we are hoping for the best....and no matter how that day is for everyone will be PERFECT to this mom!!! :) Love to you all and please never forget that I am thankful for each one of you! Every day of my life!!

I will post from China if AT ALL POSSIBLE! I am lugging the laptop along so that I can update friends and family during my journey! I may be traveling alone, but I am never really alone! I just hope it works out that I can share my weeks with you as they happen - here's to hoping'!!!



Heather Thompson said...

I'm so happy for your Christmas miracle and will be praying for you on your journey!!

linda w. said...

All of us Weatherbys will be thinking of you while you're in China. We can't wait to meet Josh, and we can't wait to see him welcomed into your life by his brothers!! We're with you! Lots of love.

Angela Nikolaus said...

Oh Reen! He's the perfect addition to the Mongold family! We are thrilled for you, Steve and the boys:) Our thoughts and prayers are with you and little Josh. We can't wait to meet him!!

Erica said...

We will be with you on every step, every beautiful moment, every time you think "oh sleep would be nice" every single minute...we are with you! We love you immensely! Be sure of that!