Thursday, November 6, 2008

How much they change in just 7 months!

In the original pics that we got of Song, he was just 14 months old. They were dated April 2008, and his estimated birthday is the 4th of March. So he could have been - almost - 15 months, but none the less - it was 7 months ago. The few pics that we received this week are of Song at almost 20 months! Amazing how much he has changed! I put the pics together so I could see the change up close and it was a cute collage, so I thought I would share!

So glad I got the new pics because I am not sure I would have known what kid was mind in a room full of crazy toddlers! So grateful for the Orphanage for sending these pics!! :) Can't wait to get you out of your stay puff marshmallow outfit little man!! !:) I promise...I have warm LL Bean polar tech fleece just waiting for you! You CAN be warm without the bulk...I'll prove it!! :) ha ha ha.


Erica said...

I LOVE MARSHMALLOW MAN! Funny, I actually thought the same words when I saw the photo. How happy Josh will be to get to know LLBEAN! haha....he is too darn cute! And, I am so happy about the Panda phone. I am sure that makes the two weeks seem a bit more bearable. I am praying for you girl! IN HUGE WAYS!

dandsratz said...

Renee, seriously, could this be ANY more exciting!!! Between travel plans, dressing that new little man (but I do LOVE his puffy outfit!--he looks adorable in it!!) and preparing BKW for little Josh---good grief, I just getting high blood pressure thinking of these great days for you!!! This is just like going into labor & delivery....waiting to see that precious face, waiting to hold him that very first time...the tears that will flow, the love that will be physically exchanged, those first amazing moments together that will start the rest of your life together...and the best get a nice plane ride there, and don't have to rip!! he he!!! :) Renee, in all seriousness, you & Steve have grounded Ben, Kyle & Will in such an amazing love, and although I cannot imagine HOW difficult it is to leave them for those weeks of travel, you are teaching something goes around the world for each other--giving (in all regards) for each other, and they KNOW that they have the coolest mom in the world who inevitably loves them SOOOO much...even to buy the wonderful Panda phone!! What Great Great days, Renee!!!!