Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nega-Ben Kyle cracks me up and I needed to share!!

This morning Ben was whining about the shirt I put on him, it was to bumpy. Then, his toast was too soggy, his milk cup was too wet, his socks were not tight enough, Kyle was not playing x-box the right way....he didn't want to drive to school with Miss Sarah....he wished it was Friday....he was not sure he wanted to go to spirit night tonight....he was not sure he knew his vocabulary words well enough......YEP! All true...and all in his own brain! He was NOT ASKED about any of these things?! And yes...they came flying out of his right after the other!

When he starts to feel uncomfortable about something - (I think this morning it was about me NOT driving him to school) - the negative vibes just overwhelm him and he can somehow - find peril - in a rainbow?

It ends as quick as it starts, and truly - we just ignore it and he eventually lets it ALL go!

This morning it was a typically long chain of negative thoughts and the whining was a bit louder and more annoying than in mornings passed. I still ignored it - we all did - we always do....UNTIL...

Kyle, walks up to me in the Kitchen and says in a dead pan voice, no drama, very matter of fact, "Mom...I am giving Ben a new name - NEGA-BEN!" And he went on to explain, "He is so negative that I think we should tell God that we are changing his name to that!"

hee hee....I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! hee that Kyle...acts like a boy...thinks like a man! :)


dandsratz said...

Renee--I am LAUGHING my head off!!!! This is CLASSIC!! Oh, & this is why Alexander & Ben are such good friends--gotta love that extra amount of positive cheer the Lord gave them (or morning lack thereof!!) he he he!!! :) We've been calling Alexander "debbie dooms-day)....Nega-Ben is hilarious, and that Kyle for coming up with it!!! Oh, what precious boys!!!!!

Erica said...

Oh that dear Kyle! I miss NegaBen and his brothers so much. Something about the first child makes them so prone to perfection, so when things arent perfect, it just kills them. NegaBen, we love you even if you find fault in a rainbow!