Thursday, November 6, 2008

Panda PHone this made my day and I have to share! I found out through a Yahoo group that I belong to, that other people in my situation that have traveled to China - leaving their young children at home with family members - have access to what is called A PANDA PHONE!

Yep...a phone that I will order just before I leave that will be delivered to me at my first hotel. I can give out the number to family and friends before I leave and we can call back and forth just like a regular in country cell phone! Granted I will be 13 hours different in time and the logistics will be hard that way, but if I am needed and vice versa....we have that access to each other!

Wow how this has put my mind at more ease. Still scared to death....but at least i know I am available for my little men!! Whoo hooo!!!!

Back to my paperwork! Love to all!!

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