Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reality Check?!?! here it goes....

Yesterday morning, Ben was sitting with me on the couch. He was hugging me and touching my face and smiling. Being the wonderful affectionate Ben that I have grown to not only love, but need to much! The way he looks at me melts my heart and I can't imagine a day without him!

His face was close to mine and he had both hands on my cheeks....and he said, "Mom....I love you...(and then...the words that will haunt me for some time to come)

so let me start over so I can say it all to you ...the way that I heard it!

"Mom...I love you so much....your face looks just like an OLD LADY with lines and bumps all over it....I love you!" (tha's a quote) there it is. I said, "Ben...mommy looks like an old lady?" And he said, "Yeah...just just your face...the rest of you does not look like an old lady!"

So was there a compliment in that SLAM? hee hee...and God love Ben - He truly did not even know that it was negative (if it even was...I mean...everyone gets old right!! :)). He loves me so much....lines and bumps and all! :)

This morning when we all got up and were eating breakfast I asked him again, "Does mommy really look like an old lady Ben?" And he said, "Why did you ask that mom...I already told you yes!"

I explained to him that all people get lines when they grow up and that people don't really want to be called an "old lady"....even if it is true. Kind of like when someone has a bad haircut and their hair sticks may be true..but it kind of hurts their feelings to hear about it? And he understood that. I just don't want him telling his teacher, or a friends mom...the same thing! One thing to offend your mother...another to offend someone that does not love you with all of their heart!! ;) He laughed as I explained myself and said..." I was just kidding!!"

Love that kid...honest and all!! :)

PS....and I promise I am not looking to hear how young I look from everyone!!! ha ha ha ha!!! I am at peace with my lines and bumps! But I had to share how the mind of a 6 year old works - priceless!!


William & Midge Cole said...

To quote Martina McBridge "This goes out to all your girls about 42 tossing pennies into the fountain of youth. Don't forget every laugh line on your face made you who you are today." I'm coming to think of my wrinkles as a roadmap of a life well lived. However, I still use lots of moisturizer and hair dye too! Some day this will be great ammunition to make Ben feel really guilty!(:

LoveBKW said...

That is a wonderful quote! And I'll tell ya - had I been prepared...I would have said exactly that to ben! I am ready next time he mentions it! ;)

Erica said...

OH Ben!!!! One day we will be ever so thankful for the brutal honesty of our sweet firstborns! haha. Renee, I know you didnt ask for it, but you do look there! And, you deserve a few wrinkles after waiting this long for precious Josh!