Monday, November 3, 2008

Who is Stronger...Daddy or Spider Man?

Saturday morning, the boys and I hit the beach on the north end of the island – just a few miles form home, to watch daddy’s submarine pull out to sea! It was quite an affair. Helicopters, security boats, dolphins, lots of people watching, rain, cold, and truly a fun time with navy friends and families. The boat even honked its horn as they passed by the beach. Sad to see the men leave, but it was quite amazing to see the support and security involved in getting this boat to sea to do their job defending out country!

So this leads me to last night with my kids.

I had the most interesting conversation with my kids tonight before bed and I have to share. Ben started crying as I was tucking him in bed and he said, “mommy…I am so sad that daddy has to go away for this long. I hate when he is not here!”

Now this is normal for Ben to find something to cry about before bed? He gets very sad about EVERYTHING when he is tired. The problem with this night is that daddy being gone truly is a sad thing. Wow…I can’t just tell him to go to sleep and it will feel much better in the morning! (unlike many of the things he chooses to cry about before bed like…tomorrow might be too cold….or Santa might not know that he wants an Annikan Skywalker light saber for Christmas…etc. etc. ETC!!!)

I paused for a min, because I wanted to say something that would ease his mind, but the truth of the matter is…Daddy is gone…he will be gone for a while…and he will go away again? I didn’t want my response to sound bleak, but I needed to keep in mind, that the reality of this separation will be reoccurring and I don’t want him to live a sad life because of that fact.
So I said: Buddy, you realize, that daddy leaves us because he is one of the people that helps to keep the world safe from Bad Guys. And with that, he sat up and stopped crying. Kyle and Will also got quiet and I had full attention in the Mongold Dorm room.

I went on to tell them that every time daddy leaves, he his helping to keep the world safe. The fact that we can play outside, and go to the beach, and have parties and have Halloween and just all of the great things that we do in our lives, is because we live in a country that is safe from bad people. And while I don’t like daddy being gone any more than they do – without daddy and his friends, we would not be so fortunate.

I told them that daddy was kind of like a “super hero” that protects us, and it takes someone very smart and very strong to be a super hero. We are lucky that daddy is both of these things and we have to share him with the rest of the world, because he is so needed.

And Ben said, “Yeah mom…Daddy is like a super hero that doesn’t wear a costume!” And Kyle said…yeah…and daddy has no powers just like Spiderman and Batman, but he can still beat the bad guys buts!!” And will Said, “Mom…daddy is not spider man…he is Steve Mongold!” (Will does not quite get a lot of things…but he is funny!!??? )

And then they began talking about it. How if daddy didn’t leave us…kids would not be safe and they knew that spider man was gone from his family a ton because they never saw him with his kids in the movies?! By the end of the 20 min talk, they were all excited and just in awe of this new reality – Daddy was the Mongold version on Spidey!

And then Ben asked the question that brought tears to my eyes. “What is daddy dies fighting the bad guys mom?” Aghhh…. What do I say to that I thought? “Well Ben….have you ever seen a super hero die?” And with a big smile he said, “Oh no…that’s right…he’ll always win!”
Ben ended the conversation by saying, “I’m not excited that daddy is gone, but I won’t cry because someone has to do his job right mom?” And I said, “Yep buddy….we can be sad because we miss him, but still proud of what he is doing can’t we?” And he smiled at me and said – Yep we can! That’s exactly how I feel!

I’m going to get this blog into an e-mail to Steve just as soon as I get word from him that it is ok to send an e-mail! I hope he is as proud of his boys as his boys are of him right now! And I know he is!! The military life is rewarding and great in many ways, and very tough in other ways – especially when children are involved. I went to sleep last night so thankful that my boys see their daddy as hero and I hope that every little military boy and girl brat can see their daddy or mommy in just the same way – in only for a little while! Thanks to Steve and all of our other super hero friends for all that you do for us! We love you!


The big boat on the left is the scurity boat that is keeping the waters safe as the Rhode Island makes its way to sea!

These wonderful ladies also have a husband that left this weekend!
Barb with her super camera! We can't wait to see her photos!!

A group of guys were standing on top waiving to the families!
LIttle Zoe won't really understand this time around...but her mommy does!

There were dolphins surrounding the boat - jumping in the wake!

The boys were waiting for their honk...and hiding from the drizzle!

Helo's kept the airway safe as well!

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lyss23 said...

such a really super cute blog...helps me in 3 years to explain it to baby D when she is crying cuz her daddy is gone :( But we love steve for what he does too!