Thursday, November 20, 2008

The word of the week is Actually!

Will has a new thing. He LOVES the word ACTUALLY. He can find a way to use it in every sentence. you want something to eat? ACTUALLY no thank you. you have to go to the bathroom? Actually yes I do have to go potty mom.

It's time to go to get Ben from the bus stop Will? Actually...I'm ready to go mom!!

Is the upstairs a mess Will? Yes, it ACTUALLY is a big mess!

Do you want to play a game Will? I ACTUALLY want to watch tv mom.

He told me this morning, "Mom, I actually love Bah" (his bear)

Too funny little man! I hope I always remember your new word and how well you used it!! :)


Baggett Fam said...

that's so cute! i love kids!!! :o)

Mell said...

It's ACTUALLY very cute! :)