Monday, November 10, 2008

Zhang Song's Finding Ad

We were able to receive Joshua Song's finding ad today. I have the original news paper that it appeared in, a laminated copy of the actual ad, and the translation of the ad! This is priceless to me and I can't wait to show it to Josh when he is old enough to appreciate what it is! Here is some info on Finding Ads, and the adv. is below! Look will make you laugh out loud!! :)

What is a finding Ad? Since 1999, the orphanages in China are required to run a provincial newspaper advertisement for children that are found and brought to their orphanage. They call them "Finding Ads." These ads contain information about where and when the children were found and which orphanage is caring for them. Originally these were text-only ads, but most provinces now include photographs in their ads.

What does Songs Ad Say? Zhang Song - a boy - He was born on March 4, 2007. On march 21, 2007 he was found abandoned at the front gate of the Xinyang City Children's Welfare Institute. On the same day he was sent into the Xinyang city Children's Welfare Institute by the first group of 110 police reporting office of Xinyang city Police Bureau. Characteristics: A round face, a double eyelids, small mouth, light skin. He has a congenital cracked urethra.

May 13, 2008 - Hanan Daily.

Why is a finding ad important? The finding ads published by the orphanages in China are an important part of our children's lives for two reasons: First, they are published within a few months of finding, so they usually represent the earliest tangible proof of our children's lives. Second, the photographs in the finding ads are typically taken earlier than any other photos families receive during the adoption process.

And the most important thing to note about this photo: THIS CHILD WAS BORN WITH ONE HECK OF A HEAD OF HAIR? I MEAN....DID YOU SEE IT? He LOOKS LIKE "LITTLE RITCHIE!!" My bio kids were bald till they were two! This pic is taken at just over 2 months old! ha ha ha ha


Dianne said...

Renee, what a wonderful thing to have in your possession! And you're right, that head of hair is absolutely amazing! We have men in our own family that would die for that hair! He's beautiful, no matter how you look at it!

dandsratz said...

Renee--this is SOO awesome!!! Oh my word--he is SOOO perfectly adorable!! You know though, a couple of things really stood out to me about this....1)It really hit home to me when it said "abandoned"...I cannot grasp how someone could leave a baby (especially one that is as cute as Josh). I understand the circumstance in China, & am saddended by it, but still...the whole thought of leaving your baby...makes me SOOO thankful for the adoption processes, ya know. Makes me even MORE excited that Josh is going to experience love in a way that he never has before with you!! I just cannot WAIT to see that baby in YOUR arms!!! :) 2) His hair is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! I LOVE it!! Truly he is so beautiful! I'm so thankful that you have such an early picture, and the original, too....ya'll will cherish this forever!! Dave & I have SO enjoyed reading your emails & blogs about adopting Josh....we are SO itching to do the same thing!!! Keep the emails coming!! :)

Erica said...

As important as this is, and I am not taking away from that at all, I think the most amazing thing is JOSHUA HAS INDEED BEEN FOUND! It might have taken awhile, but has he ever been found. We love you!