Sunday, December 14, 2008

1:45am - EST is the moment!!!

I am up in the hotel - it is 6am. I slept GREAT!!! I is truly lived in this time zone forever!! A few people were still having trouble yesterday - some of them had small kids. Seems that the kids are having more trouble than adults wtih the adjustment. So funny because in my are so much easier to adjust to just about everything else in life! But unfortunately, their internal clock is strong!! I know, however, that as good as I feel, that this day 4 is really the key to time travel! I am just hopeing and praying that the families that struggled yesterday found their groove last night! We all have such a big day and I want everyone to enjoy the fractions of seconds....every single moment!! I'll see some people at breakfast if I go! My curiosity and hoping may just get me there! Even though fried rice at 7am still does not sound all that good to me!! ha ha ha Susan - you are cracking me up with your comment! I saw more little babies with their bum cracks hanging out? And last night -in my fog...I didn't really get it? Untill, of course, I read your comment about the split pants!!! hee hee.....oh my...too funny!! How very different we americans are from most other cultures. And thank you for the words of encouragement about the toys! I know you are right and it helped to hear that I am all this little man needs today! this so not taking you back!? The store I was at last night was the Walmart - as Yisha put it? Yeah....not like any walmart I have ever seen! ha ha ha....I stand by word..>I am never leaving this hotel alone again! ha ah ha I think of you every day and of how you must have been thinking in the same place I am! ha ha ha....I miss you!

Shell, I can't wait to see May's sister, and you are right...I don't have Josh yet. It is only 6am my time on Monday. Today is the day though!!! :) And your mom truly did get right onto blogger and send me a message?!?! OMG...she rocks!!! :) I miss you so much!!

Erica - AGhhh....I know you are feeling my pain....come on already....time...PASS faster!! I love and miss you tons! Mom may see Ansley today, or maybe that was yesterday? Who the heck knows...I think she was going to stop by around 2pm on Sunday your time!! That may be passed!! :) hee would think I would be smarter than this huh?!?! :) I love you!~

Alyssa - you are my rock star! Knowing you and Brian and mom are there my babies is the only reason I am here! I would not have Josh...if I did not have you! And that is just fact! No thanks could be enough!

And Dianne and Bob...the same goes for you! You all have allowed me to do this - I miss my kids so much - I think of them every min. I hope it gets easier once I have Josh to focus on? But no matter what - I am looking forward to seeing you guys on the best day of my life! The day that I am finally together with all 4 of my babies! In my home, with you both for Christmas day! I can't wait!!!!

And Shelli, tell hunter that my adaptor is the perfect thing. I have my computer in it right now and it must be working because it has been on all night and didn't fry!! :) hee hee

Ok....I could have written separate e-mails to everyone, but gmail is slow here, so thank you for putting up with my garble!! I know there is so much more I want to say, but I will end with this...

I am calm, I am excited, I am not nervous for josh...only a bit nervous about the formalities that go along with it. I don't want to screw up anything like gifts or money etc.etc. but there is a peace around me today, and I have no doubts, no fear....only love and I can't wait to share the gotcha photos with all of you! I know this each day...but it is so much more clear to me in this far away place...I love each of you...I love my life...and because of you...I have everything that a person could ever want?! How can one person be so blessed!!! I am a person with great fortune. I was asked that by our last guide "George" - He asked....are you a person of great fortune? I said "does that mean lots of money, or just lots of love....and he said - YOU DEFINE FORTUNE? And so I have.....My definition is clear...and I have GREAT FORTUNE! Sleep well my friends and when you awake tomorrow there should be more info on our new little baby!!!


Erica said...

You are going to do this with grace and peace...just like you do everything! I LOVE YOU and I love Josh and I love that you two are about to meet each other for the first time and it will feel like your hearts have always belonged together, because THEY HAVE! I might wake up at 145 just to say an extra little prayers.

Erica said...

Oh and one more thing, I am actually glad I am not going insane. I thought you were only half a day I couldnt figure out how you would already have Josh...but it all makes sense now. Seems all of us readers are losing it together at least! haha PLEASE no one take offense to that...totally a joke! Now, Renee, GET THAT BABY WOULD YA? I want to see that Mongold with his mommy!!!

donna-mikes said...

Renee' i guess we are all so---oo excited and nervous for u but with all that u have been through, it will be so worth it when u get that little guy in your arms and tell him how much u love him and how much all the rest of your family,that includes us,love him. He is a beautiful little fellow and i just can't wait to see him. we love u very much, "MOM & Dad S.

shunter1019 said...

I know...I can't believe it...just hours away. Can't wait to hear from you and this time you'll have the news we all want....details of our little man! OH how I wish that I were with you, but thankfully you've been able to keep in such great contact. MB sends her wishes(I just talked with her) and her love and she said if you need anything she is just a short drive from FL and willing to go on no notice. I can't believe that next time I'm on here, it will be reading the news we've waited three years to witness. You are such a trooper-not long until Josh now, and not long until you are home!!!! Then, we work out the details of when the Hunter clan is coming-can't wait!!!!!!!! Shane said to tell his "godmommy to come home from China quicker and to make sure and not forget to bring Josh"- words of wisdom from a child :) Love and Hugs to u and to Josh all the way to China and home! Shelli

pop pop said...

I have been following your journey on your bolg. You will seen Josh by the time you read this. All the eperiences are now worth the last three years. Miss you waing to see you soon

wyanne said...

I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. So excited for you. Logan played with the boys today and your Mom invited her in for hot chocolate. She had too much fun. I haven't been over yet, because I've been really sick with a sinus/ear infection. No fun. Sending lots of love your way.