Sunday, December 14, 2008

About 6 hours before I got Josh...

I waited till 10am to get breakfast this morning. It went to 10:30, and I wanted to eat as late as possible so It would stick with me all day with my new little man! On my way down the steps, I was fortunate enough to run into a nice man and his new daughter!! He is traveling alone - just like I am. His wive was blessed with a biological son just 8 weeks ago, and was very much needed at home, so daddy braved it alone to get their little princess! She is 21 months old - same as our little Josh, and about the same height and weight. She was crying so hard, and I told her daddy that we could go and eat breakfast together and I did not CARE AT ALL that she was fussy! Heck...I feel weird without someone fussing!!

She cried the whole way down the stairs and down into the lobby and I could tell here daddy was kind of worried, so I told him that if it was ok - I would hold her (I am so sorry that I can't remember her name just yet....I know that I will know it so well by the time we leave - please accept my apologies for this) - so that he could get a plate of breakfast food to take back to the room.

As he gathered his food - and they had eaten nothing all day, so food was necessary for both other their health and sanity - I walked around the hallway and sang songs softly as I held the most beautiful little princess that I think I had ever had the pleasure of holding. Soft cheeks, a perfect face, the most perfect little body. Her tears made me cry myself for all that she had been through today!

And as luck would have it...both she and I crying in the lobby...all of a sudden one of us stopped? And it was not me!! Yeah......she fell sound sound sound asleep. Like a little rag doll kind of sleep! She was not sick...or sad...she was just dog tired and needed to get that little body to sleep! We carried her back up to the room and she did not even budge when I lay her on the bed. We covered here and I quietly went back down to eat and wait for our little josh this afternoon!

Her daddy thanked me...and i wanted so badly to say (of course I was quiet so as not to wake the baby!!) OH my goodness...please don't thank me! My ability to help you both out this morning was a gift! I am the lucky one! Thank you for letting me hold that precious baby and I can't wait for our children to play more as the week goes on!

And here is the angel sleeping! One picture...but it is worth a million words! She is happy, and content....and is so lucky to have a new wonderful family!!

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Erica said...

WHAT AN ANGEL INDEED! And that baby girl is sweet too!