Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another day down!!

First of all....before I forget...Pete....THANK YOU! You are truly the best! Steve was able to e-mail me and told me what you did for us and I just thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love you guy so much and can't wait (and I can't say that loud or strong enough) to live near you again!! When the days get tough over here....I picture little Emma and Josh...playing together with our boys...and I remember...that it will all be ok!! :) on to the Day here in Guangzhou. Today....Shelli's friends May's...sister Kenny....picked me up around 12:30pm in the lobby! WE went to a very nice restaurant for lunch where we talked and laughed and had just a super nice time. Food was super!

Kenny was able to talk to Josh and he truly LOVED her! And Josh is super shy...he loves a few people here on this trip that I spend a lot of time with...but for the most part...if you talk to him...he turns his head and makes no eye contact and buried his his cheek in my chest!!

He started out that way with Kenny...but when she said to him - in Mandarin "You are not are just being silly!!""" He turned to her and laughed and said "No I'm not!!" She was truly able to communicate so well with him and it was really the first time that I had any clue how much he really does know!

He was throwing food on the floor and she said to Mandarin- Hey....that is not ok (or something to that effect)...don't throw makes your mommy sad! And he looked at me...looked at her....put the food back on the table...and said (in Mandarin) Ok...I won't do it again! And he DIDN'T do it again?

So many things she was able to ask him and he was able to give simple responses! Not like he can recite Shakespeare....but our guides in the last city told me that Josh was saying no real was only baby talk. And I was ok with that and I believed that....i mean...heck...none of it makes any sense to me.

But when I heard Josh talking to was really amazing. I saw him as a bit older than I did just one day ago. He didn't respond with dissertations...but with short sentences...and she would talk and then he would talk and back and forth and with my eyes wide...I would watch. And eventually Kenny would tell me what they were talking about. It was really fun for me to see!!

And I know she enjoyed helping and Josh enjoyed having an interpreter for the day! It was amazing how - when Kenny interpreted what I was saying to him...his actions were so much easier to deal with. So rational. Made me really understand how much this language barrier was affecting our relationship! She told him....don't get mad at mommy for not understanding you...she loves you and wants very much to make you happy...! And he looked at me....felt my face with his hand...and said "Ok...I will" to Kenny in Mandarin. God love him....maybe he gets just a little more about me after today! I know I get a little more about him!!

In just a matter of months...this little man will no longer remember Mandarin...and he will talk just like the rest of the Mongold boys! But until we get there....we just have to show love and patience! Truly .....Josh was so easy tonight. I can't know why...but it seemed like today was just a bit of a breakthrough for us. And Kenny...thank you for that! For your kindness....for having your wonderful driver take us to such great place. And for the wonderful gift that you gave to Josh! Your kindness...information and generosity today was just amazing and we loved every min of the time we spent with you! Shelli - you have to get KEnny's address from May for me! We had no pen when she left and I told her I would for sure be able to get the address! I have something in mind that I want to send her to thank her for a super nice time!

And then....I get back to my room after talking in the lobby for a while with some friends from Beijing that I had been very much looking forward to catching up with....and there is a message on my phone. So I call and listen....and ....YEAH...I am an idiot? I mean...really...why am I here? To adopt right? And I spent the whole day just gallivanting around and I was supposed to be at the place to get visa photos taken at 5pm and it was well after 5:30 at this point? Aghhhh....

So we head right back out to see if I can take care of this visa photo myself...and I run into Christie and Maya!! They helped me to find the place and went with me to get my photo! Then...Christie said...Hey....can you come look at a dress that Maya wants and see what you think!?!? Yeah man...I mean....can I help you to pick out pretty clothes! Oh my...that is right up my alley!! Oh we had fun! The dress that her Maya wanted was so pretty and so princess like! It rocked. I was honest...if Christie was not buying her that dress I was! Her photo is below in the slide show! We had her try it on to see if it fit...and a glove! It was like Cinderella and her glass slipper! And she beamed when she put it on! Wait till you see how gorgeous she looks in it!

I then headed to subway...and downed a nice 6 inch turkey sub! Kind of forgot for a min that I was in China...and I ate lettuce? Oh well...please don't let me be sick tomorrow? As if I am not a big enough doof for forgetting our photo appointment tonight...then i eat lettuce? Aghhh....i am annoying myself?! ha ahha

I finished off the night in the playroom with friends and babies! Little Maya laughed and ran around like a crazy woman. That girl makes me laugh so hard. She even let me hold her blanket tonight? Yeah baby....I am on the good side now!! :) And Leah laughed and played and she even tried to take Josh's toy at some point...and Josh just kind of whimpered and walked away. But my lttle man held a grudge...and a few min later he walked up to Leah and pushed her? OH my...we laughed!! These scrappy kids!! :) And how we love them!! :) Just a fun evening with friends!

And Ellen...thank you for checking on me tonight! I promise to not disappear again and forget about important things? This was my small vacation day from reality and I am back in the game tonight! Let's get this thing done and get home to our families!! I am really going to miss the people we are traveling with. I want to go home more than anything...but when I get to see my travel friends on the streets, or in the hallway...I get so excited to talk to them and see how their days are going. They are truly my family away from family right now and that is the single thing that is keeping me going each day! I have not only fallen in love with my little boy on this trip, but there are so many people that have come into my heart and that I will truly miss when we are not together! and to all of you that have been nice to me and made me love you!! haha are stuck with me now my friends...I am going to be calling and e-mailing....FOREVER!! hee hee hee!!! ;)

Oh Home.....I miss you! Boys...mommy loves you more than 1 thousand chocolate donuts and more than any wii game in the world!! And...more than all the stars in the sky!! :)

more tomorrow! We have our physical tomorrow, visa paperwork to do and then I am having dinner with some friends!! All my love!! Another day down!! :)

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shunter1019 said...

Wow, crying again. I am so happy that Keny met you guys. Although I have never met her, May is one of the best people I know, and I knew Keny would have that same heart-plus, I had the pleasure of repeatedly speaking to Keny since you left and was SO THANKFUL for her generosity. THANK YOU Keny for taking a day out to make such a difference in my best friends life!!! I bet it felt so great to get to talk to him and understand him a bit better. It's amazing to know that he is totally communicating-and it sounds like he's communicating great for a 21 month old. You look great in the pics and Josh is as cute as ever! You know that I find it hysterical that you got SUCH a break that you forgot about your pics :) Love you(GOSH not much time now AT ALL!!!!) Shelli

Catherine said...

Hey girl, I am so glad that Steve and you have been in touch. I'm sure it is a great morale boost to know of his support. It's great to see your pics in GZ and to see that you have wonderful people to show you the town!

We love to hear your stories about little Josh's personality and he sounds like a gifted child with all he understands. So he has the brain to match his perfect little face!

Am counting the days till you get home and are reunited with your loved ones! Looking forward to a good chat! Love, Cath

Leslie said...

Hi there, you don't know me but May Pa is a friend of mine. She told me about your blog so I had to check it out. We also have three biological sons and adopted our Kathryn Rose from China three years ago in July. Your blog brings back so many memories. We spent ten days in Guangzhou since Kathryn Rose was born in the Guangdong province. We heard a lot of stories about the other provinces. We were spoiled to be in Guangzhou the whole time. Guess who treated us to a wonderful day in Guangzhou? You are right, Keny Wu is an angel and made us feel so comfortable in a land so far away from home.
Josh is a beautiful little man. He will absolutely adore his brothers. Good luck with the rest of your journey. Here is a quote from Keny Wu, "(S)he is a blessed and fortunate child as her/his destiny has turned."

reillymb said...

that's great that you got to meet up with keny. i bet you guys had a blast and such a relief that she was able to talk to josh and communicate with him :)

loved the horses. it's almost like some swings at the playground (the one's kinda like sitting in a cage to get them to move.)

OMG! just 3 days to go :)!!!!!! woohoo