Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bill and's a business idea for you both!

Now that I know you are reading my silly blog....I had to share this with you both! Ok...this is by far...the coolest toy that I have ever seen! I have never seen it in the US and I think if we take this idea to the US...we could all be rich!!! :)

They are horses...that are stuffed animal like....that have a seat that is a bit high. When you sit on it and put your feet in the stirrups....and hop up and down...the movement of the seat (that is attached to a metal rod) turns the wheels under the horse...and you move? this...and they had like 10 different you could ride the horse that best fits your bod!! Oh my....too funny!!!

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Erica said...

I so want one of those! Between that and the superhero capes, we could have been millionaires! Oh yeah, dont tell Steve, he will think it is a bad idea :) haha. We love you Steve!

shunter1019 said...

That looks SO FUN!!!! Why don't they have those here- I guess people would steal them!?!?

Eric said...

Now how did I miss that?? If we can make other creatures like dinosaurs and unicorns I think we could really do well. Maybe even afford another adoption trip to China. LOL!