Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Consulate has approved our paperwork!!

Ok....great day in Adoption land!!! We were asked to stay in our hotel rooms today from 10:30am until we received a call from our CCAI representatives. At 11:30am, we got the call stating that the US consulate had approved our paperwork and we were ready to swear in tomorrow at 9am! So our bus pulls out early in the AM to head to the consulate building where we swear in. About a 30 min drive! After that....we can pack up....finish up our shopping....and get ready for our last night in China!!

Today was truly a fun day. I think it is getting easier to be here because we know that we are close to going home!?! If that makes any sense at all! So our friends Angela and Eric - who have adopted from China before - took us on a great walking tour of the city today. The real city...not the tourist district that we are staying in. We saw live chickens for 13RMB(chinese dollars) - more live scorpions than I even knew existed in the world????......many can's and dogs for sale (for pets...I promise!!).....so many streets lined with small shops and market type stands.....and just when that was over...there was a huge shopping district - like time square almost...but the shops are smaller and so are the people!! ha ha ha.

Southern China is known for the small stature of the people who are native to here. I stood next to a grown woman today - who had the tallest spike heals that her foot would allow....and she only came up to my chin?!?! Crazy! Seriously....I am like a blond amazon woman!! :)

The "Time Square area" was a really cool place! So busy...so many people and signs and lights and large TV screens etc. etc. We were the only Americans in the whole place!! We browsed and shopped and people watched. I bought josh candy strawberries? Yep....just like a candy apple at the fair...same smell....same taste...but it was 6 strawberries on a stick instead of an apple! Very cool!!

At some point there was a man that walked up to our group. (We were a group of 5 people and three Chinese kids).....and said - Hello, where are you from (in perfect English). He was Chinese by design, but from Boston. So it was fun to talk to him. He was asking why we were here and talking about how many people there are in Guangzhou. (more than the entire country of Germany...is what we were told!! Yikes) Anyway....as we begin to cut our conversation short with the man from Boston....we all look up and realize that there is a crowd of people standing around us....at least 10 people deep...just smiling and staring? Oh my....it was kind of creep for a second...until we realized how nice everyone was. Just very curious as to who we were and why we had Chinese Children! We casually smiled....waved hello - said hello and then kept on walking away. We would have loved to explain...but there was no microphone available....and heck...we don't speak Mandarin! he hee

This evening...josh was feeling tired so we didn't go to dinner with our friends, instead we ordered a bit of room service and then when our crew got back from dinner we just hung out in our rooms and passed time talking and watching our crazy kids play together. I swear the Little Maya, Josh and Leah think they are related! It will be sad for them to leave each other! But the fun thing is that each one of these crazy kids has super siblings to go home to! Leah has two older brothers who are the same age as Ben and Kyle and Maya has two brothers that are Ben's age and a couple years older than that! And Josh with his three brothers...none of these kids will be bored at home! We can't wait to get home to see our babies! None of the three of us brought kids with us and we have spent many a night....holding back tears....talking about our babies at home and how much we love and miss them!

So close now! One more day in China...and one whole day on a plane! Bring it on!! I want to hug my boys!!! :)

I have a few photos to upload, but I am so tired right now that I could drop? I am going to do that tomorrow before I pack up! Sorry guys! I am flaking on ya!! :) All my love - one more post from China! Whoo hooo!!!!


shunter1019 said...

I guess you get a break since you've been so great about pics and videos every day :) Sounds like you are really in the home stretch. That must be an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I can't wait to have you back in the US!!
Love you,

wyanne said...

We're so bummed that we won't be here when you get home! But we will see you the following week! Logan can't wait! Thanks for all the pics and updates on your blog. It's been so fun to share it all with you.


Erica said...

COME HOME COME HOME! We cannot wait to have you. You have been the best blogger in the universe, so you can take a day off from pictures. But you better take a million when those boys are all together FINALLY! Love to you!

Catherine said...

Oh boy! You are really on the homestretch now! You and your family must be getting so excited about having you home. Josh is about to find out what a great family you truly have! What an awesome Christmas this will be! We will be praying for your safe and stress-free travel. Love, Cath