Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here we are?

I wasn't sure if Josh took a bottle or not? I got absolutely NO information about him from the nannies AT ALL. and It is looking like the SWI is just too far from our present location to make the trip to visit it? So I just started him with a sippy cup to see how it went? Well...it was fine...but when Josh saw the bottle sitting up on the bar...he went NUTS. Yelling and pointing and shaking his head up and down in the "yes" way to emphasize as emphatically as he could.....I WANT THAT BOTTLE!! :) So....I deduce....he still takes a bottle! ha ha ha....there ya have it! He had a bottle this morning ....I get on the computer for min...turn around....and he is dead asleep!

Not a great pic...but one of the few that I have outside of the room because I am ALWAYS carrying him when I am outside of the room!! :) Can't take a pic if I am holding! hee hee. So yeah...this is on the little walkway just outside of the hotel! Josh is happy outside. He will fit in well with our crazy clan of outside kids!!! :)
And as my Tuesday comes to an end I'll do a quick recap of it!! Nothing all that exciting I am afraid!! :)

We are another day closer to being a family again! Truly - I swear I am trying my best to enjoy this time. But it is just not easy when your loved ones are not with you! If my babies and husband were with me I don't think I would care if we ever went home? But alas...that is not the case! I would not trade this experience...and I would not trade my little man for anything in this world! But just the same -I feel sad and the days are dragging. time is on my side! I am about to go to bed, and that means only three more nights here and 5 in the next stop and then home again home again! whoo hooo!!

So today - as you will read in the next blog down....we are officially new parents! Kids are all doing awesome!! Parents are doing awesome! We are all ready to get home, but just the same....there is not a whiner in the bunch! We are all tough and strong and loving our new children!!

Josh still does not like to leave the hotel room? Yeah....same story as yesterday....he is a spit fire in the room. I posted video of a few moments of his craziness. He walks around with my clothes on and shoes on and bags in his hands and cookies in his mouth...talking and dancing? But truly....as soon as he steps one foot outside the hotel room...he almost goes into a trans. He sits snuggled up so close to me that we are all but one person....he stares at each person we are near....but makes no noise or facial expression. He will sit like that for a very long time. Eventually he will whimper a bit...and I take him back in the room. And as soon as the feet cross over the carpet line of room and hall...he is back in action!!!

A few times he has given me a glimmer of hope that this crazy room thing will end. ha ha ha We had dinner - just the two of us - in a pizza restaurant in the hotel. He was such a ham with the waiters and waitresses. He talked and danced, and threw food on the floor, and slammed his fork into the table. He threw pizza, spilled water, and even slapped the waiter right across the face? But as soon as we walked out of the restaurant and were back in the main part of the hotel...he is silent! ha ha ha. Who knows....such an interesting process. we have kids that won't take off certain shoes, kids that won't take off hats, kids that cry more than others and kids that never cry? Amazing...they all went through a similar experience...but all handle it in such different ways! NO matter what - I will say this without any hesitation. the group I am traveling with is LOVE! Every single person in this group is a phenomenal person. Interesting and loving and beautiful! I can't imagine that this is the norm for a group of adoptive parents? Maybe it is? But none the less...an amazing group of people who have found amazing kids and these kids are so blessed...there are no words to express it loud enough!!! What a blessed group of parents and kids!! This is the merriest Christmas EVER!! I know I am kind of mushy lately...but seriously...for those of us here and the families involved...what a darn great holiday season!! :)
XINYANG FAMILIES: I don't think I will get to go to the SWI. If I pushed it, I might be able to get there, but the other family is not feeling well and not interested in making that long drive and with so many older kids in our group that are from different SWI's and really NEED the closure with their friends and nannies...I am not going to push it. we are the largest group that Yisha has ever worked with in her 14 or so years with CCAI. And I need to help by letting this rest. But I will say this to all of you that adopting from Xinyang: Josh was loved. He knows fear, love, devious, silly and serious. He knows mad, happy, bad and sincere. we are able to communicate with each other very well. I know it is not perefect, but he has been helped by nannies to learn a bit of english. He says Hello, Bye Bye, Mamma, see ya, and Jingle bells already! I think he was loved, I feel very good about his healthy. And I am very very sorry that I will not be able to get your photos of your children! I am truly sad about that. Maybe that will change...but for now. I truly do not think we will be able to work out the trip!!

If mom, brian or alyssa is reading this...please tell the boys I love them. I'll call them in about 30 min to say good morning! I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you in just a few short days!! :) Noses....and bug hugs....I love you guys!! :)


shunter1019 said...

I can't believe how well you guys are bonding. I mean he looks so so happy...and GOD did I mention cute! We lucked out in the cute department with him FOR SURE! I can't believe how he says hello and I just Love love love him. I can't wait for you to bring him home- not super long. Not sure if you are reading the blogs everyone writes or if you are always able but I had wrote that Keny was trying to call you on the Panda and said it wasn't working. She emailed to your gmail with phone numbers of addidas and her home and cell. She also was requesting your hotel info so she could leave a message there. She may have had the dates you would be in GZ confused- so I emailed her back. Can you get to your gmail to see her numbers? I was going to post her email here but wanted to verify with her that she is ok with me putting numbers on a blog,ya know? MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!!

mwu said...

Renee, I love reading up on your day with Josh! I've shared the videos with my kids last night and they smiled at Josh and thought he was soooo cute! It's amazing how well Josh has just bonded wtih you so easily and for him to say a few english words. So to say in chinese...I love you....it's pronounced "Woa I Nee" This of course is not the correct pinyin spelling but easy to pronounce right?? LOL! Have fun and can't wait for you to meet Keny!

Erica said...

what a sweet baby with that bottle! AMAZING THEY TELL YOU NOTHING. Oh well, you just wing it, right? You are doing a fabulous job and that child knows already how loved he is! He must feel like the luckiest boy alive right now. And, he is! And the beautiful thing is he has only met one Mongold. His life is only getting better from now on! Well, until Will throws his toys at him, but still...that is love right???

shunter1019 said...

OH have I said I love him today and can't stop looking at his pictures!?!?! I saw that Glenda and my neighbor Dianne and May posted...how nice!! I didn't even know that Glenda knew how to get on here.....ugh, not being able to squeeze you both is killing me. FYI- I tried to call your mom last night but no one answered, was just checking in on the boys! love you...shelli

Erica said...

Benjamin will not stop playing the video....we have been trying to leave for the grocery store for an hour now. He just keeps asking to watch baby Josh again and again. And, Bradley keeps saying "THAT IS NA!" when he hears your voice. Poor child, thinks Josh is saying hello to him :) haha....anyway, ansley said she did see the boys and they were doing well...but crazy! We will call them today or tomorrow to say hi ourselves. HUGS TO YOU!

ronvic7 said...

I am so happy you are having such a great time with your little guy. DO NOT, and I repeat, do not, worry about pictures of our children or a long trip to the orphanage for our sake, it is not meant to be. Maybe Josh would have had a hard time going back. Just enjoy your "hotel room monster" boy and know that him acting that way is a good sign of attachment to you, he is safe with you:) He is adorable.
Congratulations from another XinYang momma

LoveBKW said...

Thank you May!!! I said I love you to Josh in Chinese - just as you typed it....and I must have said it right because he said it back?!?! OH my.....it made my year!! THANK YOU!!! :)