Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey guys! We are here

Hi there! We are here at the white swan! Took all day to get here. we left our hotel at 11am this morning and after 12 families trucking through two airports....we were able to connect with our guides in the new city....get to the hotel....and even have a decent meal!! :) Thank goodness!! It is nice here! I'll report more tomorrow. For now.....Josh is kind of spun up an not wanting to go to sleep! Better get to it!! ;) Love from Southern china! Almost home now!!!


reillymb said...

yah so glad that you have new scenery! it's gotta be a good feeling that you are sooooo close now. just 5 more days :) it hopefully fly by. well when you are traveling on the 24-25th and it's the middle of the night and your are awake from different time zones. call i'll ba awake and working trying to dodge santa and his sleigh flying around :)

shunter1019 said...

Hey girl, Yippeee-LAST STOP til home! Amazing isn't it? It truly is almost over. I am so hoping that this part can be more fun since it's a little more comfortable from what I hear. Oddly enough, I took the boys swimming last evening at Ida Lee, and met a woman who had adopted two Chinese girls. She was happy to hear you were almost at the White Swan as she said this is definitely the best part of the trip...she said the worst is when you are in the province where you pick your child up because of many of the same issues as you have had. How was Josh on the plane? How long was this plane ride?

Erica said...

Hey there girl! I am so happy you are in your final leg of this amazing but heartwrenching journey! I hope you and Josh and sleeping like babies (hehe) right now and can enjoy your new surroundings soon! We are all so anxious to have you back, but no one more than you, I am sure! Benjamin is counting the days until his "birthday trip" and so are we. We love you and cannot wait to have you HOME with our newest love!