Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In the his own free will!!!

Today little Josh woke up with a fever. I have no thermometer, but a mom was for sure...a fever. His little body was a heater and he was just very lethargic. I took him to the park at 9am and he was asleep by the time I had walked one block! And I didn't even have him in the Bjorn. So I knew he didn't feel well. WE still went to the park and he perked up a bit there once the meds kicked in. It ended up being a nice time....(blog and photos on this trip are down the page a bit!)

AFter the park, ...we took more Tylenol and than had a nice nap in a real bed! First time he has had the chance to do that with all the meetings and paperwork! He looked so peaceful sleeping! But this pic is of him as he fell asleep. Poor thing - I hate that he has to feel bad. He really felt like crap!!

After nap - he felt super though - so that was great, and the whole group of us - 11 families - headed to a large shopping area where the guides helped us to buy formula and rice cereal for those of us that have babies! Nothing is in English in the store, so we needed Yisha and Evelyn to help us - BIG TIME!!

After our shopping trip, little man Josh was full of it - talking to people in our hallway, and smiling at the girls who work here. Saying Bye everyone that would pass by and he waves like a beauty queen...hand goes side to side!! He left the room and played in the hallway - and he chose to do this on his own!! It wasn't like he was running with the big kids or anything, but baby steps....and he took quite a few today! Great job little man!! You will be a crazy boy just like your brothers in no time!! It was a good day!

Alyssa and Mom leave today to head back to DuBois. I know the kids will be sad to see them go. And Uncle Brian left last night. But Bob and Dianne got there today, and they will be great with kids - they are in good hands! Thank you so much to the first team for a job well done! I love you guys! And thank you to team 2 - for all you are about to do!
And to my little men at home....I miss you guys so much. So very much that you will never know. I think about you every min and i can tell you right now....I can never leave you for this long again - never! You will understand when I get home that we did this all for a perfectly wonderful reason! But I know it is hard right now to see the "why" in it all! Just know that I love you with all of my heart! See you very soon!


Dianne said...

Hi, Renee. Bob and I arrived at your home around 1 PM. We've had a wonderful time catching up with your Mom and Alyssa. Went to the school so that Kyle and Will could meet Santa and receive their books. Kyle enjoyed Santa, but Will did not! He still got his book, though, and everyone seems happy. Bob will take your Mom and Alyssa to the airport tomorrow morning, while I take those who have to go to school. I haven't memorized the schedule, yet, but have no fear - we'll have fun. Take care and keep up the good work there in China. You'll be home soon. Can't wait to see you and Josh. Love, Dianne and Bob

Dianne said...

Renee, an investigator by the name of Scott Dunn, Special Agent, US Office of Personnel Management, Federal Investigative Services, came to the house tonight and spoke with Bob about Stephen. Stephen had said that at some point in time someone might be speaking with us. He was investigating Stephen for a possible position that would have to do with national security. He had one question we could not answer - who do you rent this house from? You can call him at 904-566-1356 or give us the information when you call. Let us know how you want to handle this.

Erica said...

You are so close....And I am so happy to hear Josh is thriving with his Momma! I know you are so missing home. I nearly died in Virginia that week away from my boys, and you are in China for 2...but know that you are so is for the most perfect reason in the world and when you are reunited with all of your boys, what a fabulous moment that will be! I love you girl! Hang in there the best you can and know that everyone here is pulling you through this in any way possible. You are the strongest woman I know...and I mean that. You can move mountains and you have! HUGS AND HUGS AND HUGS@

donna-mikes said...

Renee' just a few more days and u will be HOME with all of your boys. How great is that? Everytime i think of u and where u are , it's hard for me to believe but Shelli says your loving every min. of it. i am just so proud of u and i'm sure Steve is also. i'll bet Steve can't wait to meet his new little son. Sounds like u and Josh are already getting along love and prayers are with u every day. Love u bunches, "MOM" S.

Angela Nikolaus said...

Hi Reen!
Congratulations to both you and Josh! He is amazing and such a blessing!! You're both a blessing to one another. The picture of the two of you together is beautiful! You look like you are made for one another! I just know that your Mongold crew back in the US will feel the same!!

Josh is the child of your hearts, the one you've waited for, who's made your dreams come true. We are absolutely thrilled for you, Steve and the boys! For all of us who love you as well. Anyone can see how happy you've made Josh and he's made you.

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure and "firsts" with us. We are thoroughly enjoying your blog! The kids love to watch Aunt Reenie's "new little boy!" Gabbi sure got a kick out of him eating with his chopsticks!

Take care and enjoy your little boy! You'll be home with everyone before you know it:)

We love you and are keeping you in our prayers.
Angela, Paul, Zachary & Gabbi