Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Official!!

Today at 9:50 our time, the whole group walked down the street to the adoption center once again! There were mixed feelings among the children - some started to cry again - Josh just shut down and didn't even move a muscle...I don't even think he blinked....the whole time we were there! One of the older girls - 10 - started to get very nervous and kind of grab tightly to her parent. A fear maybe that they would be left there on this trip back just one day later. Kind of a weird journey anyway - but there we were. In the kind of stinky hallway once again. Sitting on the less than pristine floors...with our wonderful children! Passing time with each other by telling stories of our first night with our children and watching them play with each other. So different they are from just one day ago! So content and pleased with their new life. Nervous....yep....but they all seem very happy! Every single one of them? I can't imagine that many groups can say that! All 11 families....are bonding very well with their children! Amazing - truly amazing!

Then we went into the same room where we received our children. A very small room - like a doctors office waiting room maybe - a small practice! And they handed us our official certificate and it was a done deal! In the country of China...we are certified to be the legal parents of our children! Whooo hooooo.........OMgoodness....can it really be real?!?! What an amazing day!!

this video is of Josh at a little pond that is right outside of our hotel. Each time a person would walk by and say hello to him...he would stay hello back!! Lucky to have the camera!! Once we get into the hotel, he will not talk to anyone. He is a trip in the room....and VERY full of life and energy....but as soon as we walk out the door....he is petrified! But outside....he loves. Just the space between our hotel room and the outdoors?

Not a cryer though - he cried so hard when we first got him and a few times since, but he will scream at me when he is mad, or swat at my face? yeah?!! ha ha ha ha....but he gets mad, not upset!?! Won't it be interesting to see who this little man becomes! I just see great things!! :)

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reillymb said...

Woohoo! Yah its official :) I'm so glad that the bounding is going well and josh has a sense of security with you!
Its so funny how you say he gets mad and frustrated it almost sounds like a little clone of Will! What a match made in heaven! His older brothers have so much to teach him just wait for what you have in stored for you --hehe. Just a few more days and you will all be together as a BIG HAPPY FAMILY! The best Christmas present ever!
Con't all My love and prayers out to you!!!!


shunter1019 said...

Hey girl! Ryan and I watching and still very much in love with him. He is SO sweet and cute and I love the way he talks..his voice is so sweet!!! I can't wait to talk again. I miss you and love you!
Shelli and Ryan

Erica said...

OH it is perfect! His hello is just perfect! He is perfect. I just want you home now...I agree with you. It must be impossible to completely enjoy this time without your other men :) Know you are doing amazingly well...and we are all cheering you home every step of the way! Hugs and Kisses! AND THAT OUTFIT IS ADORABLE!