Friday, December 5, 2008

a Journey to remember....

A group of us are about to take a journey together that will forever change who we are. We will see thing, do things, accomplish things....that maybe we didn't even think possible. We will arrive home with new members of our families....many ups and downs will be ours to claim over the next weeks and months. We will change from the things we behold in China. Maybe a change that is not visible to the world around us, but a change that we will keep close to our hearts for a lifetime.

And so for all of us, I ask for your prayers and for your positive thoughts as we make our way across the world to meet our children for the first time.

A prayer for our journey.

May God grant us the physical strength and wellness that we will need to successfully welcome our children into our lives after such vigorous travel to get to them. And the mental strength to surpass the physical hardship that we will most certainly face.

I pray for support and friendship among the travel companions. Friends that we have yet to meet, but will remain dear and our hearts for a lifetime to come. May we show kindness and love to each other as we take this journey together.

May God reach deep into the souls of our waiting children and help them to see the love in our eyes as we greet them for the first time. Please ease their fear and show them the hope that we bring them. It will be a dark hour for most of these dear babies. A time of great change and uncertainty as feelings of abandonment may come over them. Please God help my eyes to show the love that I hold deep inside of me. And help Josh and the other children to feel at least an ounce of what their mother and father have and will give them in this life!

For those angels here on earth that are helping with children, pets, homes and work here in the states.... The people who are making it possible for us to bring home our babies.... Bless you. NO words can express the importance of what you are doing for us. No gift is big enough, no words strong enough. Please God, give them the strength to handle their own lives along with the additional responsibilities that they are taking on. Without them, I - we - could not fulfill this dream and that gratefulness will live forever!

Thank you God for allowing our dreams to come true. This Christmas we will have a new child, our children have a new sibling, parents and in laws have a new grandchild and dear siblings and friends have a new nephew! Thank you God for all that we have, and for all that we are about to gain in our lives.

More from China!! Happy HOlidays to you all!!~


Bill and Midge said...


lyss23 said...

hey girl!!! god speed to china! we are thinking about you and hope you have a wonderful trip and josh is way more than you expected and you love him so much more than you possibly could think of! I'm so happy this is all happening for you and can't wait to meet my new nephew and the newest addition to your family! I love you! and in the words of grandma..."take a safe plane!"

Ellen said...

Renee, Looking forward to meeting you in China!! Not too long now ... -Ellen

Cantilina Family said...

I haven't met you, but found your blog via the CCAIWCP yahoo group! Will be pryaing for you as you travel, and can't wait to read all about it! We are awaiting LOA and TA, so I will be eager to hear how it all goes and any tips or suggestions you come home with.

I LOVE your prayer. Amen and amen.


Heather said...

I can't wait to have the adventure of a lifetime with you! Jason will meet up with you in Beijing- let him give you a hand with Josh and please lend a girlie hand for our doll, Lillian. At least maybe you can each get one free potty break a day!! Enjoy this life changing trip and I'll be praying here at home!

Susan said...

Hi- In case I missed you- our soon to be daughter is named Zhang Dou Dou, birthdate 2-18-07- also in Xinyang. I can't wait to follow your journey! Be brave- get out and see the city- ride the metro- it's easy and very reliable! And be sure to try Chinese McDonalds (only no ice in your drink). It's different but good.
Best of luck!