Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last day in China! Oh My...BK&W...I'm coming!!!

Click to play last day!@
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Dianne said...

Horray on it finally being your last day!! We are so excited for you to finally get home. Travel Safe and have a VERY VERY Merry Christmas with all your boys!!!!

The LaPlaine's!!

shunter1019 said...

OHHHHHHHH...I love date night! How cute was that!? So, has he given up rice or what? Seems he has taken to French fries quite well!!! :) I can't believe you are really on your final day. Your last video has me confused tho...it's 9PM here, so it's 10AM there Wednesday...when did you do date night!?! UGh...I can't wait until your on the same darn time zone as me again! :) Love you, Miss you and can NOT believe this trip is almost totally over!! HOLY COW! Love you and MERRY CHRISTMAS, Shelli

LoveBKW said...

He Shell!! Date night was Tuesday night!! I just didn't post till this morning!! Happy CHristmas Eve!! Love you!!


reillymb said...

OMG i was so cracking up when you he waved like a typical chinese tourist! he's just like sonia(well not quite) was when we were little she thought she was italian for the longest time b/c she had black hair just like my family.

i wish the best of travel and a very merry christmas!!! if you get a glimps of santa in the sky take a picture! (hint hint) drew loved my picture of when i passed him last christmas while i flying at work!!

give all those boys a hug and kiss for me when you get home too.
love aunt mary beth