Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last day in Zhengzhou!!

Ok....I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! This is truly our last day in phase two of this trip! We are leaving in the morning to head to the White swan hotel in Guangzhou. From listening to the words of my fellow travelers, I am hearing stories of starbucks, hotel playrooms, a western diner!!! It all just sounds like music in my ears!! The weather will be in the high 70's and there are a few of us that truly have NOTHING but warm clothes to wear? I need to get at least a few t-shirts so that I don't roast! At this point...I could CARE LESS what I look like! ha ah ha....I just want to be comfortable and get the heck home!!!

I was in the elevator this morning and we lowered one floor with just Josh and I inside the box...and then on the 3rd floor, the doors opened to let someone else in. It was a fellow traveler.....the man looked at me and with a bit too much gusto....said, "Wow Renee...don't you look great today - you washed your hair!!"

Hmm....I have washed my hair each day that I have been here.... ah ha ah ha....but obviously it has been hard to tell! ha ha ha.....oh well....this is just not a fashion show....this is survival my friends....and I am in this to make it home alive!!! ha ha ha

This will be my last slide show from here. I have no video today, and will save my last two sets of batteries for our next stop!! We will be back with some people that we have not seen since Beijing who are now proud parents as well!! What fun we will have seeing them!

Today is a good day for me - mentally that is! Several things have added to that I think....first of all....some friends on our hall asked me to hit the streets today for a nice walk and it was truly a blast! We had so much fun looking at all the difference and talking....I think we all laughed the entire time we were out. is our last day here and so that feels so good to know that the next phase is the last phase! in laws are now with the kids and that is who will be with them when I get home. It makes the end seem real since the phase two sitters in in action! Kids last day of school in tomorrow so Christmas is really coming!! :0 lump in my throat is still there, but I am not as quick to tears today. I am getting some humor back and feeling more like myself! Josh is napping well today and he only cried for a just a few min. I laid down with him and 3 min later he was out! Much better than yesterday. Still don't have him figured out completely - hard to read a kid that has spent two years developing without you? But I am getting in little by little and so is he! In 6 months it will feel like we have known each other forever! Man am I blessed to get such a great boy!

The two families that are close here to me on the hall are wonderful people. I wish we could all live in the same town. One has adopted a 10 year old girl that is Deaf and they have three boys that are 9,11,and 13. So this little girl fits right in! And she is drop dead gorgeous! And Sara and Bill have a three year old - Maya - who is truly beautiful - just super super pretty! Beyond normal kind of pretty....and she has so much life in here....she is feisty and sweet! and then I have perfect little josh? we are all just feeling so blessed.

So along this line...we are walking today in the street and a man began to get agitated in our presence. He certainly did not hide the fact that he was not pleased with our group of American adults with Chinese children. He shouted and pointed and we just walked away calm. He even went up to a group of men that were standing on the street corner and started yelling at them and pointing to us. Telling them about how he did not like us I suppose?

As we talked about why he must be so mad we all came to the same conclusion: None of our three kids have visible special needs and they are all very happy and smiling and attractive etc. etc. It probably does seem like we are taking some of China's best..home with us! And you know what....we are! I am sorry that he could not understand us and that he had a bad taste for what we have done here...but we have seen the inside of the SWI's and the orphanages. Aghhh...terrible. These children have just been given the world. And I am sorry that there are people in China that don't see that! I know we will never see this man again, but I wish we had a translator with us to explain to him what we are doing here?! Just to see if once he understood....would he have still been mad? We will never know!!!

I won't miss Zhengzhou and I truly don't care if I ever come back here? But I am thankful that I have this experience to take with me in life! And photos to prove that this place is real!! This i not where Josh is from - he is from about 4 hours away, so I will live my life never having seen the place where he grew to the age of 2. I am a bit sad about that, but also just wanting to get home so bad, that I may care more later...but for now...just wishing time away so I can see my babies at home! Oh how I miss you guys! I love you more than 100 monster trucks and a truck load of Chocolate!!! And Daddy....we miss the heck out of you too!! I hate that we are all so far apart - does not seem right! But very will all be behind us and we will be a family again!!! :) I am going to start crying again...didn't I just say I was done with this!! ha ha ha....on that are my pics from our walk today! all my to you again from Southern China!!
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shunter1019 said...

Hey girl!
Can't wait to talk to you. I miss you so much. I am SO jealous that your Friday is almost over :) I wish I could fast forward mine too. I am SO HAPPY for you that you are winding down your last day there. I think this last part will truly fly by. From what Keny and May say, this place has lots to do and lots of normalcies for you. Do you fly out of GZ? I am just so happy that very soon you will be able to take Josh home with you. I know that you miss the boys incredibly, BUT if there has to be a silver lining to everything, I think that this silver lining is that you got to know Josh all alone and give him your undivided attention for two weeks-this little guy probably is reveling in all of your attention-something he has never had so much of especially from his mom. I love the new pics. So very, very cute!!!! He's a heartbreaker like the other 3-I can't wait to see what Ben, Kyle, Wil and Josh do when they first see each other!!?!? Hopefully you have some batteries left when you get home for the moment you walk in. It will be very interesting to see Josh's reaction and vice versa. VERY CLOSE NOW!! :) Love, Shelli

Erica said...

You are inspiring all of us with your strength. Now just muster up a bit more to get you through this home stretch. You are into Saturday already...and that means you are home so very very soon! We love you. We are so anxiously awaiting your first steps back on American soil and those first few moments reunited as a family! HUGS HUGS AND MORE HUGS!